Prepare It Before Traveling With Baby

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Traveling With Baby

Traveling brings baby certainly is not as simple as you travel along just a couple. Many things must be considered, ranging from baby equipment to the food. Here are a few things to note in order to travel with a baby are safe and fun.

Not a few parents who think that traveling brings baby is a difficult thing to do. Many parents who haven't anything already trigger fear, when it should be traveling with the little one. But this experience can be very fun. Yuk, refer to the following short guide, to prepare for the purposes of traveling with a baby.

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Note the age of the baby the right to travel
Baby in a healthy condition in fact already be taken traveling since a few days after birth. Most airlines allow baby to fly, at least 2 days since she was born.

Even so, generally after a baby age 3 months later it is said to be ready to go. Because the baby was already stronger, though still happy to be in a sling and sleeping in the arms of the mother.

During the trip, the objects that need to be taken to meet the needs of parents of The minor, among others:

  • Replace clothes
  • Diapers, wipes, and towels
  • The bag containing the drugs needed
  • Pillows and toys
  • Additional snacks
  • BREAST Pump, bottles of milk and place sterile milk
  • Infant formula
  • Diaper rash cream
  • Folding mats.

It is important to ensure that if the mother and the baby are in good condition and fit before traveling. Avoid activities that make tired, and sleep enough. This is important, especially for breastfeeding Moms so that BREAST MILK remains smooth.

Tips on creating a comfortable during baby's on the go
Some of the ways that can be done so that the baby is always comfortable at the time taken to travel, namely:

  • Blanket baby during travel. A baby can also wear a vest or a comfortable sleep, then pants or tights.
  • If it took him by car please be sure to have a special baby seat in the car or car seat that is convenient, secure and properly installed.
  • Put the baby in a box, like diapers, washcloth, pants and more. This can make it easier to look for her Mother.
  • If the baby is less comfortable asleep on top of stroller or stroller, the mother could carry baby in front of the body of the mother with the sling that is shaped like a backpack.
  • Bring a fan can be operated with batteries and can be gripped. This can help the baby feel more comfortable, as well as facilitate the Mother.
  • Bring warm boiled water in a small thermos or bottle in the bag, if the little one needs to drink milk in arduous conditions.
  • If the baby is already consuming the food companion ASI (MPASI), bring food inside the container. His favorite foods could help deliver the baby.
  • Never smoke when you're one car with a baby. Cigarette smoke is dangerous especially if it is in a closed room such as a car.
  • Set the atmosphere of the room where the stay later as comfortable as possible. For example, by providing a place for baby to sleep or play with some toy.

So, no need to get confused again Yes when will bring the little one move. The important thing, the mother has prepared the equipment needed, and make sure the little one in a healthy state. When necessary, ensure the readiness of the little one's condition for traveling, with a consultation to the pediatrician.

Title : Prepare It Before Traveling With Baby

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