Late Menstrual Periods Can Be Caused By These 10 Things

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Late Menstrual Periods

The menstrual cycle is a series of changes in a woman's body to prepare for pregnancy. But that does not mean if not menstruation or menstruation be late, a woman was certainly pregnant. Menses too late can also be caused by other things, such as stress, smoking, certain diseases, to the hormonal contraceptive side effects.

Menstrual cycle each woman is different. The length of a normal menstrual cycle is 21-35 days, counted from the first day of menstruation until this month, the first day of the next menstrual period. The menstrual cycle is usually the same each month, but there are also moments in which menstruation comes too late.

The Various Causes Of A Late Menstrual
If the "coming months" retreat from the usual time, it could be due to one of the following reasons, namely:

When stress, hormones and parts of the brain responsible for regulating the menstrual cycle, namely the hypothalamus, will be disrupted. In addition, the weight can go up or down drastically as a result of stress. It all can affect the menstrual cycle. If menses too late is caused by stress, it is advisable to practice relaxation techniques, change your lifestyle, and regular exercise so that the menstrual cycle back smoothly.

Weight gain can trigger hormonal changes in women. Research shows that women with a body mass index of 25 – 30, or more than 30, have a high risk of experiencing menstruation be late. Diet and exercise may be recommended by a doctor if obesity is becoming a factor in the causes of a late menstrual you experienced.

3.Weight down
Late menstrual likely experienced by women with eating disorders, such as anorexia or bulimia. If your weight is less 10 percent of the ideal body weight, body functions will be disrupted and ovulation (the process in which the ovaries release one egg) was stopped. Treating eating disorders and raising the weight healthily can restore a normal menstrual cycle.

4.The hormone prolactin excess
Late menstrual periods can be caused by the production of the hormone prolactin which is not normal. A hormone produced by the pituitary gland will increase in the period of breastfeeding, but can also occur due to certain medical conditions, such as kidney disease and tumors of the pituitary gland in the brain. The increase in this hormone prolactin can affect the performance of other hormones that play a role in the process of menstruation, namely estrogen and progesterone.

Birth control pills or pregnancy preventive pills contain the hormones estrogen and progestin which prevents the ovaries release an egg cell. It takes up to six months so that the menstrual cycle returned consistently after stop taking birth control pills. Hormonal contraceptives implanted or injected can also cause menstrual late.

6.Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (polycystic ovary syndrome/PCOS)
PCOS is a condition in which there are abnormalities in hormone and the metabolic system so that the function of the ovaries. This condition can cause menstrual menstruate late or not at all and can affect fertility.

7.Chronic diseases
Diabetes and celiac disease can affect the menstrual cycle. Unstable blood sugar closely related to hormonal changes. Therefore, diabetes uncontrolled make menstruation became irregular. While celiac disease causes inflammation that can cause damage to the small intestine. This condition can hinder the body absorb essential nutrients, causing menstruation be late.

8.Thyroid problems
The thyroid gland function regulates the body's metabolism. If this hormone does not work properly, the menstruation can also disturb. Thyroid symptoms can be recognized by a problematic form of the body felt very fatigue, rapid weight changes, hair loss, and is sensitive to hot or cold temperatures. But don't worry, an issue with the thyroid can be dealt with drugs and surgery. Menses will return to normal once the problem is treated.

9.Premature menopause
Most women start menopausal at age 45-55 years. However, there are also women who experience symptoms of menopause at the age of 40 years and under. This condition is known as premature menopause. Menopause causes the release of the egg cell stops, the result of menstruation be late or even ceased altogether.

Smoking can cause a disturbance on menstruation, menstrual one is overdue. This occurs because the existing substances in cigarettes, including nicotine, can affect the estrogen and progesterone hormones that play a role in the menstrual cycle.

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For women aged over 40 years, it is advisable to consult a doctor immediately if Your menstrual pattern changed suddenly. For example, the blood that came out more, menstrual time longer, or the presence of other complaints such as vaginal bleeding after sex. Why? It could just be the signs of cervical polyps, endometrial polyps, precancerous condition (Endometrial hyperplasia), or endometrial cancer.

Menses too late may be regarded as not scary by some women. Though the condition can also be a symptom of several conditions and serious illnesses. Do not hesitate to consult a doctor if you experience menstruation be late. Also when there are other related issues such as menstruation, menstruation stops abruptly for more than 90 days, the monthly cycle becomes very irregular, menstruation lasts more than 7 days, severe pain, or blood out rapidly and needs to replace pads every one or two hours.

Title : Late Menstrual Periods Can Be Caused By These 10 Things

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