Falling While Pregnant Can Be Dangerous, This Is How To Prevent It

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Falling While Pregnant

It's been carefully but pregnant women still can fall. Which then feared, is a Small bore I alright? Or, lest Trans.adi a disruption in the bodies. Rather than guess, read first the fact here.

In fact, falling while pregnant is a thing that can be understood and is very likely to occur. Because, along with the changes of the body while pregnant, the center of gravity of the body also undergo changes. This later influenced the balance of pregnant women.

Various Consequences fall on pregnant women
The body of pregnant women has actually had its own safety to protect your baby from injuries, namely a strong abdominal muscles and bearing the form of amniotic fluid in the womb. This minimizes the likelihood of injury to the fetus.

But you need to remain aware of possible complications if a fall in a particular position or fall very hard. Possible complications are:

  • Broken bones on pregnant women.
  • Abrupt placenta i.e. cut the placenta from the uterine wall.
  • Injury to the skull of the fetus.
The chances of pregnant women are not aware of the complications that occur due to falls. We recommend that you check with your doctor immediately or hospitals, especially if you experience:

  • Bleeding from the vagina or leaking amniotic.
  • Feel a tremendous pain, especially on the stomach, uterus, or pubic bone.
  • Contraction has occurred.
  • Does not feel the baby's movements as normal.
The position of the fall raises the pressure on the stomach.
First of all, the doctor will examine the possibility of injuries such as fractured bone or injury to the chest that can interfere with breathing. Then, the doctor will examine the fetal heartbeat to monitor his condition. With the help of ultrasound, the doctor will be able to assess the State of the fetus and check the condition of pregnancy, whether the complications, such as amniotic water broke.

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Tips To Prevent Falls While Pregnant
Although the body undergoes changes that affect the balance, actually fell while pregnant can be prevented. Here are some ways you can help pregnant women avoid from falling:

Always pay attention to the conditions around
Pregnant women need to be extra careful, almost every time. Avoid the watery floor surfaces or slippery, or uneven surfaces. While coming down the stairs, holding on to the handle on the edge of the stairs. Avoid bringing lots of stuff that makes you hard to see into the distance. That is no less important, avoid walking while looking at the phone.

Reset the stuff at home
Place the items in the home becomes more regular. Avoid the cable length and the furniture blocking area to walk around in the House. Avoid using carpets or doormats that slick. Also, place the lamp on a less bright.

Use the convenient footwear
Flat shoes or sneakers are the most appropriate footwear is used while pregnant, while shoes with high heels make the mother more at risk of falling. In addition, the mother's feet tend to get bigger while pregnant may need new shoes with a more appropriate size.

Make sure enough eating and drinking
If pregnant women eat and drink less, can lead to low blood sugar and dehydration. It is advisable to eat a snack in between main meals and drink enough water.

Moving or changing positions slowly
Should pregnant women moving slowly, especially when changing the position of the body? For example, from a sitting position to standing. Change position too fast can make you feel dizzy due to low blood pressure.

By applying the above ways, hopefully, you can avoid falling while pregnant. This is important for the sake of keeping your peace offerings and also a baby in your womb. If until the fall, immediate consultation with a doctor for self-checked yes.

Title : Falling While Pregnant Can Be Dangerous, This Is How To Prevent It

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