The Effects Of Smog That Are Harmful To Health

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Effects Of Smog

One of the disasters that regularly visit some parts of our country is the smog. The smog itself indicates that the level of air pollution is already unusual.

Many things can trigger the occurrence of the smog. In big cities, a major source of smog-forming is smoke in motor vehicles and industry. Meanwhile, the disaster that befell the smog most of Sumatra and Kalimantan are generally caused by burning land. Generally, this occurrence appears at a time when the dry season comes.

Smog is a kind of air pollution resulting from the mixture of several gases and particles react with sunlight. Gases involved in this process is carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxide (NO2), sulfur oxides (SO2), volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and ozone. Meanwhile, the particles contained in the smog is the smoke itself, dust, sand, and pollen.

How The Hazards Of Smog For Us?
Here are the short term effects due to living in an environment where bad air quality, such as smog.

Difficulty breathing and lung damage
The high concentration of smoke in the air will make us difficult breathing and can cause lung damage. It primarily afflicts those who much activity in open space. Research has shown that inhaling smog this, in the long run, could increase the risk of death from lung diseases such as lung infections especially in children, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and lung cancer.

Coughing and throat irritation
When exposed to smoke exposure, a person may experience coughing and throat irritation. These complaints generally last for a few hours. However, the effect for the human respiratory system can last long even if the symptoms have already disappeared.

Aggravate symptoms of lung disease
Diseases of asthma and COPD risk becoming increasingly severe if breathing in smog. Research in Thailand showed that in summer smog, the number of visits in the emergency unit of the related recurrence of symptoms of asthma and COPD undertook to increase. This is due to the substances contained in smog are irritating and can make your lungs inflamed.

Impact to the function of the heart
Existing particles in smog risky infiltrate the human bloodstream so that it can be bad for the heart. This occurs because particles in the smog are usually very small, i.e. less than 10 micrometers. The more small particle size, then the greater the risk that could be posted.

Research also shows that exposure to the smog in the long term is closely related to the increased risk of coronary heart disease and the build-up of plaque in blood vessels. This is allegedly related to the process of inflammation that occurs because of exposure to particles in the smog.

Bad for eyes
The ill effects of smog can also cause irritation of the eyes, caused by dust and irritating substances in smog. To that end, provide eye drops drugs and do not forget to use goggles if travel outside the home.

Risk of developing cancer of the lung
When a person is exposed to smog in the long term, then the person will have a higher risk of suffering from lung cancer, though he is not a smoker. Because smog particles contain many cancer-causing (carcinogen).

The impact on the skin
Not only show disorders of the internal organs, such as the respiratory tract and heart, air pollution and smog can also damage the skin. Smog can damage the skin by way of cause irritation and inflammation of the skin tissue. Research shows that smog can increase the risk of premature aging of the skin, acne, skin cancer, and hard symptoms of eczema and psoriasis.

It should be noted that the ill effects of smog vary in each individual. Infants, children, and seniors are the most vulnerable to the effects of smog. To that end, limit outdoor activities when smog season is coming. If any should have acted in open space, try activities conducted not too draining. Moreover, wear a mask to cover Your mouth and nose.

Title : The Effects Of Smog That Are Harmful To Health

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