Simple Relaxation At Home Could Drive Away The Stress

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Relaxation At Home

Relaxation can be wrong one way for cope stress. High levels of stress can cause several diseases, such as heart disease, headache, disturbances to the anxious' the 90s, and depression. So the bad impact of stress on health, so you need to Manage him properly.

Relaxation doesn't need to be complicated or cost prohibitive. The most important is right on target for coping with stress you are experiencing. You can perform a relaxation on a regular basis at home alone as well as together with a partner or friend.

Relaxation to Relieve Stress

To avoid stress and impact as bad, you can perform the following relaxation techniques.

Breathing exercises

Draw a deep breath slowly can help relieve stress. Adjust the position of the body as comfortable as possible, then slowly breathe deeply. Breathe the air of the nose and eject through the mouth. At the time of draw breath, abdominal bloated, and deflated when exhaling air. Pejamkan enabling you to focus more, imagining that the clean air is filling your lungs, and dirty air out of your body through the lungs. Do until you feel calm. Breathing exercises like this can make you relax.


You can sit on the floor with both legs folded. Pejamkan eyes, calm yourself and try to get rid of all the thoughts from your mind. A research shows that meditation is done routinely for at least five minutes every day, can improve the electric brain nerve touch. In effect, you are not vulnerable exposed to stress and can reduce anxiety.

Listen to the music

Music has been known for thousands of years as one of the art forms that has the cure. Various types of music have different effects. Choose music that is soothing and makes you become more excited.

Research proves that music can relieve anxiety, improves mood, slow heart rate, and reduces blood pressure. You can also do other relaxation while listening to music.


Research proves that the blend of muscle stretching and breathing exercises in yoga movements can make Your mood better. Other positive effects of yoga namely, reduce anxiety, making you feel more calm and happy.

Diseases which may be caused by Stress

If not immediately addressed, stress can cause a variety of diseases. And if you are first to suffer an illness, stress can aggravate the condition of the disease. Here are some diseases that supposedly can be caused by stress.


Stress can cause headaches at different locations. Be in all parts of the head, can only one side of the head, commonly referred to as a migraine. Stress is cited as the most frequent triggers of headaches.

Disorders of Gold moment and depression

A study shows, the person who loads his job too heavy were more at risk of experiencing depression. Presumably, anxiety disorders and depression associated with stress which lasted for a period of time.

It hurts the heart

An easy stress personality more at risk of experiencing high blood pressure and heart problems. Severe emotional stress happens suddenly can also trigger a heart attack. When stress, the heart beats faster and increases blood flow. Another possibility, stress can increase the habit of smoking and eat excessively, which can increase the risk of heart disease.

Premature aging

You look older about 9-17 years? Stress allows it to happen. This has been examined by experts, in particular about the effects of aging are associated with cell damage in the body.


For patients with diabetes should be aware if you have stress. Prolonged stress can exacerbate the disease suffered. There is at least two impact stress on diabetes. First, the stress could result directly in people with type 2 diabetes, that sparked the rise in blood sugar levels. Secondly, stress tends to make diabetes sufferers not seen a pattern of eating that is consumed, which in the end also triggered a rise in blood sugar.

Banishing stress does not have to be pulled out of Your everyday life. Perform relaxation in less than 15 minutes on a regular basis, it's been quite effective to help you feel calmer in dealing with various problems that you are facing. If conditioned, gradually this simple relaxation techniques will be part of a pattern of healthy living that you apply in Your daily routines.

Title : Simple Relaxation At Home Could Drive Away The Stress

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