How to treat victims of shock

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How to treat victims of shock - Electric shock or stung was when someone touches the electrical conduction through objects delivery electricity like iron, water, metals, and others. Often people who became victims of the electrocuted died of understanding it fewer people around him about how to overcome this shock. Therefore to avoid being stung these power here is how to cope with and treat the shock.

The cause of the shock
The main cause of electric shock is usually a plug when stung by a less good electrical installation as there are wires that chipped or lots of connection of electrical plugs. Many people accidentally touch and then hit by stun for it we have to do prevention in order not to happen not in desire.

How To Resolve shock
The trick is to fix the electric installation in the House Y'all like replace the cable that's already chipped and also release the electrical plugs are too much.

How to Save victims of shock
A lot of people wrong while Rescuing victims of shock and even himself became a victim. Thus to save those who shock the first time we do is turn off the power source usually every home have a fuse for electric control, you can turn off the fuse then save the shock such. Do it quickly not to soul the victims hovering.

How To Treat Shock
That feels when the shock is stationary because the whole body of our stalled due to electric current even our brain just speechless and unable to do any controls to avoid it. Therefore to treat victims of shock is to awaken him first and if there are wounds due to shock then it could be in a treat with the drug cuts.

Conclusion shock
Shock does not usually result in quick time for the organ, but is electrocuted in a long time can suffer burns, damaging organs, even death. To save it we must turn off the electric variety in order not to become a victim.

Well, that's the content of the article, which is about how to treat victims of shock. So this article may help you guys if you want to help the victims of the shock well and true, do not forget to share and comment below after reading this article.

Title : How to treat victims of shock

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