How to get overtime work

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How to get overtime work

Hai friends on this occasion I will tell you about  "How to get overtime work ". Well, sleep is our body's natural way to correct the metabolism for the health of the body. But what if we are staying up to work on the suatau require things like work release. Okay for those of you who couldn't stay up because he overslept later also then read the articles to grow.

How to stay up:

1. Prepare the coffee
Coffee can keep us awake because it contains cafein, well you guys can make coffee easily by purchasing a sachet or it could be another great in containers.

2. Don't forget the entertainment
Useless you guys consume cafein if later you guys are bored and not fall asleep too, so from that you guys don't do it for entertainment you can turn on the music to stay awake and not sleep while working overtime. Or you can also blame the television if you're bored at the moment are working overtime to avoid sleepiness but don't forget to keep doing the job.

3. Snack
If you feel thirsty there's already coffee-well how about food, therefore you have to prepare a snack too because with so you do not disturb the stomach while you guys are working overtime. Choose snacks that can withstand the hungry or you can also take a minute to cook the noodles, as there are in some cases people overslept because hungry yes even though it's a bit but there is only.

That's 3 tips to let you awake while overtime work, which certainly will help you in your work in the evenings if you usually fall asleep at this time. Well usually after doing overtime work time of sleep we will change and experienced insomnia or difficulty sleeping at night well here's how to solve it.

How to restore sleep patterns:

-Do sport while the afternoon
Do light exercise one or if you want to sport weight also please, by doing the night before the sporting body then you will feel very tired and cause you guys are sleepy. Well by doing this sport you can treat insomnia health while keeping you guys are not susceptible to the disease. Select one of the sports that are cheap but can deplete much energy like running and more.

-Wink quickly
Can be said this is where eye gymnastics you guys must be winks quickly to feel tired at the moment want to sleep. Then when you guys feel you guys already tired eyes can try to close my eyes for a long time and try to fall asleep with it so you guys can sleep because the eye was tired due to too many flashes quickly.

Indeed staying up for overtime work is not good for the health of the body, thus have, after you guys work overtime to fix the body metabolism you plagued with sleep and exercise, are simply don't forget to consume a multivitamin If indeed in the need to increase stamina while later works.

Well, that is the content of this article, i.e.,  "How to get overtime work ". Yup, so this article may help you guys  "If you want to stay up but can not, by reading this you guys will definitely help " also do not forget to share and comment below Yes.

Title : How to get overtime work

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