How To Build Arm Muscles In 10 Minutes

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Arm Muscles

Train your upper body, one of them by forming the arm muscles, not just a role to beautify the appearance of the body. More than that, train useful arm muscles makes the performance of the body becomes better.

The muscle of the arm is a strong human will ease in performing daily activities, even though they are simple, such as grabbing objects on shelves high, arouse the groceries, cradling the child, or hauling a pile of clothes.

The following series of movements can try yourself at home or during rest periods in Office. It didn't take long, just about 10 minutes per day. It can even be done while watching TV or waiting for the laundry to dry in the washing machine. But earlier it is advisable to start with the movements of stretching and warm up for 5 minutes for the sake of reducing the risk of muscle injury.

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This movement is applied as the beginning step workout or can also be performed by the elderly who want to shape the arm muscles.

  • Stand with both feet opened as wide as shoulder while holding a bottle of water in his hands.
  • Slowly, bend the two arms on the side of the body and lifting weights to as high as the shoulder. Hold it a while, then lower back. Repeat 5-10 times on each hand.
  • When performing the movement, tighten the stomach and buttocks to get better results.

Press and Up (Press Up)

Push-ups were the most precise in movement training the arm muscles, chest, and shoulders. Take the position of push-ups by performing the following movement.

  • Align both hands parallel to the shoulder with the distance between both Palms wide enough on the floor. The body forms a straight line from head to toe. Align the legs, with the knees don't stick to the floor.
  • Lower your body by bending elbows out to the sides until the chest down about 2.5 cm. Hold some long, then align the elbow again. Repeat 10-15 times.
  • For starters, try this movement with your knees positioned stick on the floor. For maximum results, remember to keep your back straight and hips during movement.

Resting on the wall

To train the triceps muscles of the upper arm, or you can try the exercises by making use of the wall. Stand to face a wall with the distance between the body and the wall roughly one arm. Do the movement as follows.

  • Place both palms on the chest-high walls, can be separated or adjacent.
  • Bend the elbow to lower body approaching the wall. Keep your body straight by letting the heel elevated when the Agency closer to the wall. Hold a while.
  • Align the arm and when the body is returned. Repeat 10-15 times.
  • To get maximum results, you can replace the wall that is used as the object with a stable Chair or even with the floor.

Resting on a Chair

This exercise primarily allocated form the upper arm muscles. Sit on a chair with a steady hand holding both sides of the seat, then do the following steps.

  • Lift the body with both hands resting on the buttocks is not attached to the bearing seat. Make sure knees open and bend 90 degrees.
  • Promote and lower the body until it is in front of the Chair with both hands holding on to the horizontal part of the seat and knees open and bend 90 degrees.
  • Tighten the arms and restore body sit in back seat. Repeat 10-15 times.
  • For starters, this exercise can also be done on the floor, with no Chair.

Straighten your upper arms

Kneel with one knee bend facing front, forming an angle of 90 degrees. If that was in the front of the knee is right, lift and align the left hand straight back as far as possible. Hold it a little while, repeat 10-15 times, then repeat with the left leg and right hand. To get maximum results, you can put dumbel or bottle containing water on hand when performing the movement.

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Round off the series of this movement with cooling for about 5 minutes to stabilize breathing and heart rate. In addition to the routine of doing simple exercises above, in order to get the best results, the formation of the arm muscles need to be supported with a pattern of healthy eating and regular exercise that involves the whole body.

Title : How To Build Arm Muscles In 10 Minutes

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