Bent Penis: Normal Or Disease

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Bent Penis

Some men have a penis is crooked to the right side or left, up or downtime experience erection. This condition is generally considered to be not a problem and does not need special handling. However if accompanied symptoms-symptoms of another, such as pain, the twisted penis can download the symptoms of serious illness.

Some men have a penis is crooked as a variation of the normal Anatomy of the penis. Crooked penis conditions do not require special handling when bent not too significant, did not experience difficulties when sexual intercourse or problems with ejaculation, and not feel pain in the penis.

A condition that causes Bent Penises
What are the common causes of the bent penis? Inside the penis, spongy tissue that will be attached to the blood and expands when a male erection or sexually aroused. In General, the crooked penis occurs when tissue does not expand evenly, due to differences in the anatomy of the penis is normal.

However, some crooked penis conditions may need special attention when caused by the following situations:

  • Peyronie's Disease.
  • Autoimmune disease.
  • Injury to the penis.
  • Abnormality in the network buffer, which was revealed in the
  • The bent penis can also occur in infants undergoing hypospadias, where the tip of the urethra there is below the penis.

Be aware of Disease Peyronie
The cause of Peyronie's disease is not yet known for sure. However, this condition is thought to occur due to a recurring injury in blood vessels in the penis. In addition, there is also the suspicion that the disease is caused by certain genetic conditions that can be passed down in families. But keep in mind that Peyronie's disease is not caused by a sexually transmitted disease or cancer.

This disease can be experienced men in any age, but most often occurs in men aged over 40 years. The new man or have had surgery or radiation of prostate cancer have a higher risk for experiencing the Peyronie's disease.

In addition to the crooked penis when erect, the disease usually have other traits:

  • Pain in the penis while erection.
  • Thickening or lump occurs on the stem of the penis.
  • There is a change in the shape of a penis. Its shape resembles an hourglass.
  • Penis length and circumference change.
  • In the case of the crooked penis already severe, this can cause the sufferer difficult sexual intercourse and perform penetration. Further, Peyronie's disease is also at risk of causing erectile dysfunction.

A doctor can usually detect the Peyronie's disease from medical history, physical examination, and an ULTRASOUND of the penis if needed. After the diagnosis is certain and crooked penis curvature exceeds 30 degrees, doctors generally will provide the handling through the granting of drinking (oral) drugs, medication or injections the penis on top, and radiation therapy. However, it could be handling-handling is not successful or less effective.

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In the case of very heavy, Peyronie's disease should be treated with surgical removal of a portion of the penis area or with planting tool to straighten the penis. Other methods of operation to handle the Peyronie's disease i.e. with a lithotripsy shock wave. However, the operating procedures in the penis may cause side effects in the form of impotence.

New general operating procedures will be conducted approximately one year after being diagnosed. This is because the penis is crooked is expected (and generally) would get better by itself without any special handling. To prevent the occurrence of complications, it is highly recommended to check with the doctor if you are having a penis is crooked and feels pain during erection.

Title : Bent Penis: Normal Or Disease

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