8 Most Lightweight Video Editing Software for PC

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Video Editing Software for PC

en.bangringo.com - For the creators of the video, to produce good video works usually they do video editing before later on publishing to a variety of media. Editing can be done using a PC or smartphone.
But if you want maximum results more edits you should use the best video editing software for your PC or laptop. Because the feature is much more complete than the edit video applications using Android.

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PAL video editing software can use the PC for a variety of things, such as changing the video quality, video effect, cut or merge multiple videos or movies, and many more features that we can take advantage of.

Regarding the above, here are our application recommendations there is several videos editing PC lightweights and best you could you guys make reference. Yo, refer to his review here!

The application of lightweight video editing, best and free for PC

Choose lightweight video edit software is the best solution for my friend who has a computer/laptop with low specifications. Because if PAL using a heavy application, then the process of rendering/editing was not able to walk to the maximum. Here's a list of the software:

1. Camtasia

Camtasia video editing pc application is a lightweight who could be the choice of mate. Camtasia has many features, such as effect, filter, crop video and much more.

To get the best video editing software is also not hard because it's been a lot of sites that provide application Camtasia.

2. Blender

Lightweight video editing software is a Blender. This Blender is the best lightweight video editing program that you can use for editing or create a video animation 3D.

Yups, the features of the best video editing software for this one is pretty unique, which in addition to having great editing features, this application used the video creators to make animation in a 3D format.

PAL was able to combine the results of video footage with 3D animation so that later would result in a unique and interesting video.

3. CyberLink PowerDirector Deluxe
CyberLink PowerDirector Deluxe

CyberLink PowerDirector Deluxe is the best pc video editor application ever, and this app is perfect for you who want to learn video editing starting at zero.

The user interface is very simple once, so as to lay in the Affairs of the PAL edit video editing we believe you could definitely use video editing software this one easily.

4. Pinnacle Studio
Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio is an application made a video in a laptop with a myriad of features that we can take advantage of in order to produce a quality video editing.

Pinnacle Studio video editing software is the best most used by the video creators. Where in the application it has 1800 effects, transitions, and templates that we can integrate into our video work, so the result would be the maximum.

5. Windows Movie Maker
Windows Movie Maker

The next video editing software to a PC or laptop with low specifications is Windows Movie Maker. This application is the official application of artificial Windows, so for all of you who want to download them can go directly to the official website.

Some features such as animation, visual effects, insert the clip sound as well as insert images and videos in which you edit too. The existence of those features guaranteed to produce a pretty good video.

6. VideoPad Video Editor
VideoPad Video Editor

VideoPad Video Editor is a lightweight PC video editor application and best you could you guys try. Unlike with Windows Movie maker, this software has a feature that is much more like entering text into video, change video background sound, cut video, effect, and much more other features.

This application has a very simple user interface so it is easy to use for beginners who are just learning to edit video via computer.

7. VirtualDub

Now for the best PC video editing applications that the open source nature of this one for ya PAL, so you can download and use it for free. This software has a size that is smaller so that the very light when running on a notebook with a low spec.

Despite its small size but for its features are already complete, so the results of the edit of the video you guys will be getting a maximum later.

8. Avidemux

The best video editing applications and no less light for the next PC is Avidemux, a video editing software that has featured quite complete for the need to make the paper a good video.

It has a simple look and not hard will ease PAL in using this application. Well for those of you guys who are just learning to become a co-creator video, mandatory to install software Avidemux in laptop PAL.

The eighth video editing application PC light above is very suitable for PAL video creators or learning video editing via PC. Because some of the applications above can run smoothly even though computer PAL has a low spec.

Okay mate, so reviews about 8 Light Video Editing Application and best for the PC this time. Hopefully, with the above postings could help PAL all who are looking for a video editing software computer specs low. Good luck.

Title : 8 Most Lightweight Video Editing Software for PC

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