13 Benefits Of Giving Exclusive BREAST MILK

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BREAST MILK exclusively provided since the baby is born into the world until they are six months. During this period, it is advisable to simply give the little BREAST MILK, without the additional intake of anything. For, a da many benefits exclusive BREAST MILK that can be in getting by the baby.


There is not a better intake for infants in addition to BREAST MILK. Breast milk that is produced naturally by the body has a content of nutrients which are essential for growing baby flower, such as vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. Any composition more easily digested than infant formula.

13 Exclusive BREAST MILK Benefits

Not only for the baby, giving exclusive BREAST MILK also provides benefits for the mother. Here are 13 of the benefits that could be the little one and you get from exclusive breastfeeding:

1. baby's immune system stronger.
Breast milk contains antibodies forming immune could help him fight off bacteria and viruses. So, babies who were given a smaller risk of BREASTMILK to developing the disease, such as diarrhea, asthma, allergies, ear infections, respiratory tract infections, constipation, sudden infant death syndrome, and meningitis. Infants fed BREAST MILK also lower risk of experiencing obesity and type 2 diabetes later in life, rather than babies not given BREAST MILK exclusively.

2. make Smart little one
Want to have a smart child? Try to give seedlings a surefire ever since she was a child, namely BREAST MILK exclusively. According to experts, the fatty acids found in breast milk has an important role in the intelligence of the infant's brain. In addition, the emotional relationship between you and the little one is created during the process of breastfeeding will join in giving a positive contribution. Various studies also show results that support the statement that the baby gets BREAST MILK, have a higher level of intelligence.

3. the ideal body weight.
The little one is more likely to grow up with normal body weight if given BREAST MILK exclusively. Why is this so? The experts suggested that fewer BREAST MILK stimulates the production of insulin rather than infant formula. The hormone insulin alone can trigger the formation of fat. Then, BREAST MILK is not a lot of triggers the formation of fat in the baby. In addition, babies fed BREAST MILK also have higher leptin levels. Leptin is a hormone that has a role in the raises a sense of satiety and in the metabolism of fat.

4. baby Bones stronger.
The baby is fed on milk for three months or more, has a neck and spine bone stronger than given BREAST MILK in less than three months or not at all. Exclusive BREAST MILK, therefore, plays an important role in supporting the growth of the baby's bones strong.

5. Get plenty of cholesterol.
In adults, the intake of cholesterol is not good. However, it does not apply to infants. Cholesterol is needed to support the growing baby is important and this substance is found in breast milk.

6. Reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).
BREAST MILK exclusively was able to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome while the little one to bed. Research shows that the effects of BREASTMILK in reducing the risk of SIDS will be visible if BREAST MILK is given exclusively at least 2 months.

7. Strengthen the relationship between mother and child.
While breastfeeding, you will come into contact with the skin and the little step by step. It can strengthen your relationship with him.

8. faster Body trim.
Did you know that breastfeeding can burn calories? Yes, the unused calories while breastfeeding can help reduce weight. However, this still needs to be researched further.

9. natural KB.
Ovulation can be hampered when you give BREAST MILK exclusively. To get the benefits, you are advised to be ready to nurse him whenever he needed.

10. Reduce stress.
Breastfeeding will stimulate the production of the hormone oxytocin which can load you feel relaxed.

11. Reduce the bleeding.
Oksitoksin hormone that out while breastfeeding can also help the uterus to contract. This can reduce the risk of uterine bleeding after childbirth, as well as speed up the return of the form of the uterus as it was before getting pregnant.

12. The risk of developing cancer is declining.
Actually, it is not yet known exactly why breastfeeding can reduce the risk you are exposed to breast cancer and ovary. But according to some studies, the longer you breastfeed, the more you are protected from the disease. This likely happened because breastfeeding can suppress production of the hormone estrogen.

13. Save money.
During giving BREAST MILK exclusively, you won't have to spend money to buy infant formula. This can save your monthly expenses.

During breastfeeding, you are advised to keep the intake into the body, because it was feared that these could affect the intake of BREAST MILK and gives good impact, not on the little one. Implement a healthy eating pattern is highly recommended when you are breastfeeding, for example, by eating vegetables, fruits, meat without fat, fibrous foods, milk, and drink plenty of water.

Program of exclusive BREAST MILK, unfortunately, can't run on women who are undergoing chemotherapy for cancer, was suffering from tuberculosis, taking certain drugs, drug users, or HIV sufferers. If you have any problem regarding the production of BREAST MILK, you could consult a doctor for further examination and treatment.

Title : 13 Benefits Of Giving Exclusive BREAST MILK

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