10 Best Free Android Video Editing Applications Without Watermark

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10 Best Free Android Video Editing Applications Without Watermark

https://en.bangringo.com/ - Just like photos, taking a video is also a fun thing because we can capture precious moments whether it is when being with family, friends, and spouses. Indeed, to be able to record the usual video equipment and most commonly used is to use a digital camera or cam recorder. But, in the current era would not hurt if you record a video with a smartphone considering the quality of smartphone cameras that have been increasingly qualified from time to time.

There is an advantage that can be felt when you record a video using a smartphone, the video can be edited directly using the video editing application already installed on the smartphone. That is, you do not need to bother anymore must first move the video to a PC or laptop computer if you want to edit the video so it is certainly more practical and efficient time.

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There are many video editing apps that you can now meet. But, do all video editing applications offer good quality? Not necessarily, Guys. You still have to be observant and selective again if you want to get an android video editing app that has full features and offers the best quality results. But now you do not need to be confused again in finding the best video editing application, because we already have recommendations for you.

1. Viva Video: Free Video Editor
Viva Video
Opened with one of the best and most popular free video editing apps on the Play Store with the number of downloads touching 100 million downloads since the start of the release. Yes, Viva Video is a video editing app that offers a myriad of features and advantages over other video editing apps. In this app, you can edit videos by adding various effects, adding music, or adding funny and interesting stickers.

In addition to editing videos from the collection on the gallery, you can also record the video directly through this application. If you record using Viva Video app, then you can create a cool video with slow motion mode ( slow motion ) which has a speed of 0.2 seconds so it looks more dramatic. In addition to making regular videos, you can also create videos from a collection of photographs which can then be made a kind of clip with an attractive collage look so suitable for the post on Instagram.

Unfortunately, this application has a watermark that seems slightly annoying for some people. To remove this VivaVideo watermark itself is required to upgrade to Pro or paid version. Through the features that are brought, it is not surprising that Viva Video match is called as an android video editing app for the best Instagram that can be found today. Regarding how to use Viva Video, you just need to go to Edit> choose Video> add effects or anything else> Done> Share> Export to Gallery. Easy, Guys? (Viva Video Application Download Link: Click Here)

2. Magisto Video Editor & Maker
Magisto Video Editor
Create a friend who often edits videos on an Android smartphone, of course already familiar with the video editing application Magisto. This one application also into the ranks of the best android 2016 video editing applications because it has won awards as the best video editing application Google Play editor editors. It's not surprising to see applications used more than 40 million users are awarded, because it Magisto offers ease in the process of video editing and equipped with a variety of interesting features.

Through this video editing app, you can combine various video sets into a whole video that has an interesting storyline. So that the video looks cooler, has also prepared features such as effects, soundtrack music, filters, transition display and other features. You want to make a video like Vine? Through Magisto app can also, Guys. You can create a Photo Movie through a collection of everyday photographs that you have for later combined into a video that has a story and a unique story.

If you want to show the work of the video, just share it to a variety of social media like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or WhatsApp all of which can be done with a touch. Regarding how to use magisto, you must first log in using the Facebook application, then select Personal Movie. Next, select the video in the gallery then click Next. After that, live add a variety of effects and soundtrack so that the video was more interesting. (Magisto Application Download Link: Click Here)

3. Video Editor Music, Cut, No Crop
Video Editor Music, Cut, No Crop
Next, there is a video editor application of the work of the developer In Shot Inc. To edit a more interesting video, especially on Instagram, this application is certainly very reliable and reliable. Armed with a fun video app for this Instagram, you can create or even edit videos by adding various emoji/emoticon characters that have a funny and cheerful look. Not only can add emoji, you can also add text, background color, filter or blur effect on the background.

In addition, you can also create a photo of the movie which is a collection of many photos that are then coupled into one into a film with a beautiful collage shape. If you want to collage the photo was more interesting, you can also add MP3 music as backsound video. For the maximum video resolution that can be made by this application is 1080p so it has a very clear view. But, my friend can re-adjust the size of the resolution if it is too high. (Link Download Application Edit Video: Click Here)

4. Adobe Premiere Clip
Adobe Premiere Clip
This video clip creator application has the best features that can make your video clip more remarkable. When raw videos Buddy has been created, Buddy can re-add a variety of color effects with a view art cool transition effects, audio MP3 obtained from a list of songs in the gallery Buddy even add effects, slow motion ( slow motion ) can be done by editing application video this one. If the video sounds slow, you can raise the volume up to 3x larger than the original MP3 sound. For the social media, the button is also available in this application complete. (Adobe Premiere Clip Download Application Link: Click Here)

5. VidTrim - Video Trimmer Editor
VidTrim - Video Trimmer Editor
This one video editing app offers 4 main features. First, there is Video Trim, which is a feature to crop the video so you can remove the parts of the video that felt less necessary. Secondly, there is a Video Merge feature that lets you combine multiple videos to become a video that has a more unique outcome. The friend, of course, can add MP3 song as soundtrack video. In addition, through this application also combined video quality is as good as the video before being merged, unlike most other applications.

Then another third feature of this VidTrim application is its ability to convert ( convert ) the video into MP3. Then the last feature is Transcoding which allows you to compress video size and convert video to MP4 format. If you are looking for a video editing app with no watermark, then VidTrim app is one that you should consider. (VidTrim Apps Download Link: Click Here)

6. Quik - Free Video Editor
Quik - Free Video Editor
One of the most recommended video editing apps you can find on the Play Store. This application is an application made by GoPro where photography lovers buddy would have been unfamiliar with the brand. So no wonder, this application can make your video so cool with other views than others.

One excellent feature that exists in this application is a transition display that can automatically synchronize to the rhythm of the music on the backsound video. If the MP3 music you use on a song has a slow rhythm, then the transition will look slow and regular. But if the MP3 music on the video has a fast rhythm, then the transition will look more energetic and vibrant. Anyway cool, Guys! Moreover, this video editing application without watermark in it so the video more original look original.

In addition to using songs from private collections, you can also use the songs that have been provided in this application which has the number reached 80 songs. Transition views and graphics that can be applied to the video are also many, with a choice of more than 25 video styles that you can choose as you wish. Just like most other video editing apps, here you can still trim videos, add text, and filter. The final resolution that can be generated is also high, with a choice of 720p HD video resolution and Full HD 1080p. (Link Download Application Edit Video Quik: Click Here)

7. KineMaster - Video Editor Pro
One of the other video clip creator apps that have good quality is KineMaster. This application is also often called the best-animated video maker application where the existing features inside it can you use to create the video. In this application provided layer feature that will certainly beautify your video. But to be able to use the feature layer, your smartphone must support this application. smartphone specifications that can display layers among others that have Snapdragon 800, 801, 805, 808, 810, 820, 820, Tegra K1, Kirin 920 HiSilicon 3630 or Exynos 7 Octa 7420 chipsets.

If you want to cut the video can also be done through this application. Then, you can also adjust image brightness, adjust color saturation, add 3D transition effects, and add animated images, sounds, or other visual displays. Through this application, you can produce the best quality video that is Full HD 1080p. The supported formats are MP4, AAC, 3GP (video), MP3, M4A, AAC, WAV (audio), and PEG, PNG, WebP, BMP, GIF (images). (Kine Master Application Download Link: Click Here)

8. Doupai Face
Doupai Face
Doupai Face is a fun android video editing app that offers a simple process when you edit a video. To be able to make funny videos, you just need to upload photos to video templates that have been provided. But before starting to apply the photo, you can see first how the look and movement of the animated video.

After the template and the character is suitable, then you just select the funny and unique songs that match the movement of the video earlier. When all is done, then you will see a funny video with characters who are a dance in it. To be able to feel the excitement of the video editing application funny android Doupai Face, you can download it at the link that is available below. (Link Download Application Doupai Face: Click Here)

9. FilmoraGo - Free Video Editor
The video editing application without this watermark can get it for free in the Play Store. Besides being able to create videos without watermarks, the Filmora Go app is also armed by features that you can choose as you wish. Buddy can add cool effects that are already available to make the video better. If you want cooler try to add transition effects that include Dissolve, Wipe, Split, Shutter and Zoom out. In addition, you can also add slow motion effects or faster movement in one video at a time, adding music, and choosing beautiful themes that are already available to apply to the video. (Link Download Application Edit Video: Click Here)

10. Video Show Lite: Video editor
Video Show Lite Video editor
One of the applications for video editing on Android is also great especially for making video clips. This is because this application allows you to combine several videos at once so it will make it easier to create a video clip. In addition to combining, this application can also cut video and add a variety of filter effects (Georgia, Sepia, Recho, Sahara and Polaroid), as well as audio songs mp3. In addition to editing or creating a video, you can also create videos with photos that will make a more varied result. (Video Lines Show Videos Download Link: Click Here)

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That's 10 best free android video editing apps without watermarks already https://en.bangringo.com/ summarize from various sources. Not only reliable to make a video for personal purposes, the application to edit the video above can also be used to create video Instagram and vlog video that is currently booming lately. With android video editing application is certainly more practical, because you do not need to use a PC or laptop computer to create an interesting video, unique and quality. Hopefully, the list of the recommendation of this application can be useful and good luck.

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Title : 10 Best Free Android Video Editing Applications Without Watermark

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