This What To Do If Toddlers Like Beating

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This What To Do If Toddlers Like Beating

Mother must be shocked to see the Small suddenly hit his friend while playing until crying. After an investigation, it was not the first time he hit. Before you feel like being a bad Mother, let's look at the causes and how to deal with a child under five years old (toddlers) who like to hit.

First of all, Mother needs to accept that the behavior of this hitting child is not always a mistake or lack of Mother in educating children. This also does not mean the child of the Mother will grow into a child who likes to do the bullying of other children. Hands are a means of communication, especially for toddlers who are not fluent to speak. Understanding the reason the child is beating, will help the Mother to direct the Little One.

Various Possible Reasons for Toddlers Hitting

Many toddlers do behave aggressively in times of growth. This can be due to many things, from which Mother realized and did not. Below are some of them:

The child tries to defend the area or hers
The child can be violent in the midst of many children who may make him nudged, take a toy, or do not take turns playing. If the words are no longer heard by another child, he may be hit.

Not able to express his feelings
Children do not find the right words to express their needs or wants. The frustration of not being able to express what is wanted or felt can make the child prefer to use his hand to strike.

Feel uncomfortable
It can hit when feeling tired, hungry, sleepy, thirsty, or feeling another discomfort. Mother can reduce this possibility by making sure she is well fed and getting enough sleep before playing with her friends.

Change in family
Toddlers may suddenly become like to hit or bite because of certain causes like there are major changes in the family. This change may be moving house, the birth of a new sister, or domestic violence. Record the various things that might be the cause of his hitting habit to then be dealt with.

Less activity to channel energy
Sometimes he hit because he had no room to channel his energy. Mother can begin to spend time playing outside the home so that children can move more freely, though still under Mother's supervision.

Impulse controls that have not developed make them choose to hit or bite as a way to express themselves. Although this is a normal thing, it does not mean you can ignore Mother. The mother needs to make sure she knows that this aggressive behavior is unacceptable.

Tips For Toddlers Stop Beating
Mother's reaction to seeing her strike may be the key to her habitual change. Let's refer to the following guidelines to accompany the child who likes to hit.

Avoid replying with force
Beating, pinching, or performing any physical acts that include child abuse will actually make the child increasingly assume that using the hands and feet is the solution. Though Mother was wanting to tell that hit and kick it is not well done.

Keep away from children or others
If he strikes, if possible, keep him away from other children to distract him. Mother can direct it to other toys. If he/she picks up another child's toy, you should avoid him from the toy so that he knows that being rude makes him gain nothing.

Encourage the child to discuss his actions
Once calm, if possible, get him to discuss why he hit. "You do not want your toy taken?" "You're sleepy?" "Do you want to eat the food your friend eats?" Teach the child to be able to communicate his feelings well, so he later learns that saying what he means is more effective than hitting. After that, Mother can say that she can return to play only if she can have fun without hurting other children.

Say "beating is painful"
Mother can squat until Mother's eyes stared at her eyes. Say gently but firmly, "Beating is sick. Hurting others is not good. "Explain briefly that it's okay to feel angry. But make sure he keeps his temper so as not to hurt friends. If he continues to beat, Mother can keep the Little from his friends, and punish him by asking him to stay in one place for one minute. This can give her a chance to calm down.

Ask the child to apologize
Although he may still refuse or not sincere, at least Mother has tried to instill good habits. The child may not be able to imagine himself in the position of the child he struck. But continue to help him understand and realize the consequences of his actions.

Teach to use hands in a fun way.
The mother needs to give her time to hug, caress, or massage the Little one so she learns to use her hands in a gentle way. If he wants to start hitting, Mother can divert it for example with the movement "To!"

Avoid giving what he wants when hitting
He needs to learn that hitting will not bring anything other than punishment or neglect. Conversely, talking and embracing may be a more effective way.

Limit the time the child accesses the media
Games, movies, or TV shows can make children easily imitate shouting, threatening, and spanking. So make sure Mother also accompanies, supervises or limits what children watch through the media.

Changing bad behavior can also be done by praising the child's good actions. For example, praise him when he can ask his friend to take turns using a swing with a good sentence. Always keep good parenting for the future.

Equally important, consistent in disciplining children every time he strikes, so toddlers learn that there is no chance and room for violence. If the beating behavior persists, do not hesitate to ask for professional help, such as a child psychology consultation.

Title : This What To Do If Toddlers Like Beating

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