How to treat boils

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How to treat boils, Ulcers is a very painful skin disease much less if there is on the part of the skin that is often hit with hard objects, boils it very long to burst once broke out then the pain so violent. Boils very like there are on the hands and feet are usually due to hygiene. If there are sores in the ass then the results would be so terrible about IE we sit our asses will be felt as a sharp nail occupied. Therefore the following is the cause, how to cope and Treat ulcers.

The cause of the boils
Cause of occurrence ulcers often dirty because the skin whether it's because of the rare, exposed to water or dirty water other than not wipe up to arise boils because too many consume eggs, and much more. So there are 2 factors cause i.e. from the outside and from the inside, if you've been clean but like to eat egg still you can get disease ulcers.

How To Resolve

To address boils don't grow on the body there is a 3 way is:

1. Keep clean
So there happen boils due to factors from the outside, then we must always maintain the cleanliness of the body with the diligent. In addition, we must bring wipes or hand wipe, if for example we are exposed to water trench then we can clean it up. Do not let the dirty ditch water settles in the skin and cause skin diseases like ulcers.

2. Keep your diet
For you who like to eat egg then less it, or you can also blend the egg with vegetables so as not to focus too much on the egg. In addition, you can also avoid it by doing very food so as not to get bored because it does not eat eggs.

3. do not squeeze the skin with powerful
Do not squeeze the skin there are small bumps with powerful because it can provoke the growth of skin disease.

How To Treat
If it happens, then it should be on the sores break by using garlic in cut and then paste it on maimed skin then it will rapidly mature. Don't squeeze it in and let it burst on its own if it broke cleanly with water and remove all of its contents.

Keep your diet and also hygiene so as not to be exposed to ulcers.

Well, that's the content of the article, which is about how to treat ulcers. So this article may help you guys who are in pain due to boils which never broke h3h3, don't forget to share and comment below after reading this article.

Title : How to treat boils

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