How to train the vision of children not to be myopic

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How to train the vision of children not to be myopic

Vision is very useful for us to do many things, without vision then it is on making sure we cannot know how the colors red, green, purple and other colors. We do not host can see a beautiful view of the absence of vision, therefore we must keep our vision in order to remain healthy. Well if thy vision less healthy or low vision it will be very difficult to restore it. Therefore the following is the cause, how to cope with and treat a vision so as not shortsighted.

The cause of the myopic
Penyeba eyes of myopic eyes in the retina is because forced to do his job is excessive to result the retina cannot work a maximum return, its main function is to perform the zoom in and zoom out on the object in view so functions the same as the lens. If the retina is already in force and become damaged are usually the eyes will be the difficulty in seeing distant or near depends how to position the damage.

How To Resolve myopic
How to resolve this so that doesn't happen is to limit the working time of the eye that was already very profusely, for example, is when we are too old to play games or read a book and was tired to make it a habit to break. By the time the rest of us not to add eye work such as playing Phone while you sleep because it is not a cure but would add power to destroy this eye work.

How To Treat myopic
To treat a vision so as not to low vision there is countless way, but it is essentially by not imposing the eye at the moment of work such as reading a book or playing a game on the screen hp/pc. Consuming vitamin A can also provide nutrition on a vision of enabling better yet but within a fair while. We can also perform such calibration on the eyes when our eyes are already tired by doing it this way, that is to promote the index finger forward and then look at it with both eyes > promote your finger > mundurkan > your fingers do it repeatedly in order to the eye is not rigid. This is the retinas of the eyes so that your intentions will be back is flexible due to see near and far objects quickly.

Conclusion myopic
The eyes are extremely valuable, not to read or play games because it makes the eyes of yours who have low vision.

Well, that's the content of the article, which is about a vision of how to train in order not shortsighted. So this article may help you guys whose eyes have already started there symptoms of blurred or shortsighted, don't forget to share and comment below after reading this article.

Title : How to train the vision of children not to be myopic

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