Do this to overcome insomnia without consuming any

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Do this to overcome insomnia without consuming any
Hai friends on this occasion I will tell you about  "Do this to overcome insomnia without consuming any ". Well, insomnia can be said a disease because it disrupts sleep patterns of a person who ends lead to other diseases. Here is how to solve it without consuming any such drug and other beverages.

How to overcome insomnia without consuming any

1. Don't sleep morning, noon and evening
For you guys who frequent insomnia or who are affected by insomnia, then the best way to address it is by not sleeping at the time of the morning, noon and evening. Because people are hard to sleep in his bed hours changes will do to match the bedtime insomnia. Therefore stay awake and do not sleep at a time so you can sleep at night again.

2. Do sports moment of the afternoon
Do light exercise one or if you want to sport weight also please, by doing the night before the sporting body then you will feel very tired and cause you guys are sleepy. Well by doing this sport you can treat insomnia health while keeping you guys are not susceptible to the disease. Select one of the sports that are cheap but can deplete much energy like running and more.

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3. Do activities from morning to afternoon
Don't forget to always perform activities from morning to afternoon, even if for example you guys in the afternoon it is already not working but try to do any activity that makes you not just sit and watch tv for a long time. Because usually people if watch tv often falls asleep the insomnia later in time.

4. Winks quickly
Can be said this is where eye gymnastics you guys must be winks quickly to feel tired at the moment want to sleep. Then when you guys feel you guys already tired eyes can try to close my eyes for a long time and try to fall asleep with it so you guys can sleep because the eye was tired due to too many flashes quickly.

5. Get rid of your gadget when he wanted to sleep
This gadget is a tool that often causes insomnia because there are so many things that make you keep literacy such as chatting with others, stalking someone else's account, play games, watch movies and much more. Well if you guys want to sleep can put hp or gadget you guys where it's a bit far from the bed so that the head is not too you guys thought of it and automatically so you can sleep.

6. Close your eyes and not think of anything
For a type of thinker indeed sleep will be difficult for him, it's a lot of ideas in because still piling up yet channeled and emerging at the moment want to sleep. Then for a case like this, you must empty your mind of you and don't think of anything then try to close my eyes to sleep.

That's 6 tips to overcome insomnia without consuming any kind, no doubt could you guys try it quickly and easily.

Well, that is the content of this article, i.e.,  "Do this to overcome insomnia without consuming any ". Yup, so this article may help you guys  "difficult sleep or insomnia to be able to sleep as usual " also do not forget to share and comment below Yes.

Title : Do this to overcome insomnia without consuming any

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