Choose Babysitter Or Daycare? Here Are The Advantages And Disadvantages

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Choose Babysitter Or Daycare? Here Are The Advantages And Disadvantages

A mother who will return to work may still be confused to find support systems for parenting. Choose a babysitter or daycare (daycare)? All depends on the needs of each family. Let's look at the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Leaving Little to work in the office makes Mother need to really choose a reliable system. Babysitters or daycare can be an option, especially if no family member or relative can reliably care for the Little One. The mother who is still confused to choose between the two, the things below may be a consideration.

Home Babysitter Flexibility

Babysitters or babysitters or children who are professionals generally have been through the training of early childhood care. Usually, babysitters stay with the family so it is more flexible and free in parenting.

In addition to flexibility, other advantages of sharing parenting with babysitters include:
  • The child stays home so that parenting is more stable and consistent. Research suggests that children under 3 years of age experience less stress at home.
  • Mother does not have to rush to prepare the Little Morning to go to the daycare before Mother works.
  • Mother does not have to bother to drop off and pick her up as if leaving her to daycare. The child is also protected from the stress he may feel on the way.
  • Children can still be treated babysitters at home while sick.
  • Mother and Father can better adjust the schedule and care pattern according to working hours.
However, there are some shortcomings of hiring a babysitter, namely:
  • Costs incurred for professional babysitters are relatively more expensive than daycare.
  • Although generally trained, the quality of each babysitter is different. Leaving a child alone with a babysitter who has not known Mother well can be a concern of its own.
  • Babysitters who suddenly get sick or leave farewell and do not return may interfere with Mother's activity and psychological stability of the child.
  • Finding a suitable babysitter is not easy and takes time. Of course, it's hard if Mother needs to get in at work.
  • Some parents feel uncomfortable staying in one house with a babysitter.
  • Babysitter children at home need to be interrogated with other people or children outside the home.
To overcome the obstacles of social interaction in babysitter-nursed children, after 3 years of age, children can join early childhood education (PAUD) to get optimal teaching, as well as to have the opportunity to interact with their children. PAUD with teachers and good quality can be a place for children to develop with appropriate stimulation.

Child Social Environment at Daycare
There are several types of daycare according to the ingredients. There is daycare at home, daycare provided at school, or daycare at other service facilities, such as hospitals and places of worship. There are also certain offices that provide daycare for employees.

Some advantages if the child is in daycare as long as the parents work outdoors are:
  • Daycare usually provides breakfast, lunch, and snacks, so Mother does not bother cooking specifically for the Little.
  • In daycare children can socialize with other children, adapt to the environment other than at home, also learn to consume a variety of new foods.
  • Socialization with other children allows children to learn to share, work together, queue, and take turns. This situation is not found Little at home, especially if he is an only child.
  • Teachers and caregivers who are generally professionals can ensure the Little get the right stimulus according to his age.
  • If Mother is dependent on one babysitter then it is hard to get a replacement, but in daycare, there is usually always a replacement nanny so the child will not be abandoned.
  • In daycare, the child's activity schedule is structured so that children learn to be disciplined.
  • Some daycare provides facilities for parents to monitor children's activities online. Another daycare provides the recording of children's activities every day, whether in the form of notes or photos.
  • Many daycares while providing the education similar to that provided early childhood, so that children at the same time get the benefits as in school.

Disadvantages of daycare to consider:
  • Little is more susceptible to contracting the disease if there is one or a few children who are less healthy. Germs can also spread from the exchange of objects or use goods simultaneously. Although there is generally a policy that sick children are not allowed into daycare.
  • Scheduled daycare operational hours may make it difficult for Mother who often overtime or has to enter early.
  • Daycare quality is usually sought after people so often do not have the long waiting list. In addition, this type of daycare also requires a fee that is not light.
  • Another consideration is the conditions faced by each family. Does Mother work part time or full? Do you just need to come to the office occasionally? Or open a business from home and just need help to take care of the Little? How much funding is available for parenting? For this, Mother needs to do a monthly cost of daycare surveys as well as a babysitter salary.

In both babysitters and daycare, children still have to get things they should get from parents, such as warmth, attention, and proper stimulation. The choice between the two should consider a variety of conditions because each family has their own needs and solutions that are considered appropriate.

Title : Choose Babysitter Or Daycare? Here Are The Advantages And Disadvantages

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