Benefits Of A Healthy Breakfast With Wheat Cereals For Children

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Benefits Of A Healthy Breakfast With Wheat Cereals For Children

Breakfast is highly recommended for everyone, including children. Stay healthy with breakfast for children is essential to support the growth and accomplishments. From a wide variety of child's breakfast options,   offering wheat cereal is often recommended because it is healthy, nutritious, and easy to serve.

Nutrition experts say, breakfast is able to support brain function. A healthy breakfast can improve concentration, attention, and memory when receiving lessons. In addition, children who eat breakfast will be more physically active and help maintain the child's ideal weight.

How Many Nutrition Needs Children Every Day?
In general, the nutritional needs of children have the same principles as adults, namely the need for vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. However, the level of nutritional needs varies according to age and gender.

In addition, make sure the sugar intake given to the Small, sufficient amount as a source of energy to support their daily activities, not excessive, not too short. The ideal sugar intake for children is 20 grams for ages 4-6 years, while for children aged 7-10 years ideally 25 grams and for children over 11 years of 30 grams.

In general, 2-3-year-olds should ideally get 1,000-1,400 calorie intake per day, depending on the growth rate and activity. Then, the fulfillment of calories aged 4-8 years is about 1,200-2,000 calories per day. But as the child grows, the calories needed will be higher. In girls ages 9-13, ideally, it takes 1,400-2,000 calories per day, while boys need 1,600-2,600 calories per day. So, make sure you give your child an intake of the number of calories that suits his needs, to support the activities of Little Si every day well.

What Reasons to Choose Wheat Cereal?
There is no need to prepare a healthy breakfast for the child, you just meet several portions of the five main food groups, namely fruits and vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats, proteins, and dairy products.

But of course, in preparing a high-nutritious breakfast for children, it does not have to take a long time. There are several healthy and practical breakfast menus that you can choose from, one of which is wheat cereal.

Wheat cereal is a type of nutritious healthy food. In addition to being easy to serve for a child's breakfast, wheat cereals also have a variety of benefits, among which are the following:
  1. A good source of carbohydrates and vitamin B groups, including folate.
  2. Protein sources are significant.
  3. Good sources of various minerals, such as iron, magnesium, copper, phosphorus, and zinc.
  4. Source of antioxidants and natural ingredients that can help balance cholesterol levels in the blood.
If you are confused with the various brands of cereals available. Advised to choose cereals that contain whole grains ( whole grains ) for your child breakfast. Make sure the whole grain cereal, actually made from the original wheat.

By eating whole-grain cereals made from genuine wheat, it will keep the child full longer, as the body takes longer to digest it. In addition to containing whole grains, good cereals also contain adequate sugar, and high protein and fiber content. Wheat cereal rich in vitamins and minerals is also important to support the immune system, and its activity.

Title : Benefits Of A Healthy Breakfast With Wheat Cereals For Children

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