Tongue Cancer Stage 4: Recognize Symptoms And Treatment

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Tongue Cancer Stage 4: Recognize Symptoms And Treatment
It is important for you to recognize and not ignore the early symptoms of tongue cancer. In some cases, new tongue cancer is detected when it has entered a phase of spread or metastasis. The medical term refers to this condition as tongue cancer stage 4.
Tongue cancer is a type of oral cancer and cancer in the back of the mouth or oropharynx. Cancer that grows on the front two-thirds of the tongue and under the tongue is included in the category of oral cancer. While cancer that grows at the base of the tongue is included in oropharyngeal cancer. Meanwhile, 4th stage tongue cancer is a condition when cancer cells have grown and spread to tissues and other organs around it.

Symptoms of Tongue Cancer Stage 4

To anticipate the spread of cancer cells to cancer of the stage 4 lung, you need to recognize the symptoms. The common symptoms of tongue cancer are the incidence of white or reddish spots, and canker sores on the tongue, gums, tonsils, and mouth surfaces accompanied by pain around the mouth of prolonged or not healed.

At an advanced stage, symptoms and signs that often arise due to tongue cancer are:
  • A continuous sore throat.
  • Difficulty swallowing and chewing.
  • The growth of lumps on the tongue, mouth, and neck.
  • Difficult to move the tongue and jaw.
  • Numbness or numbness in the tongue and mouth area.
  • Bad breath that never goes away.
  • Voice changes to weight loss.
  • Bleeding on the tongue without cause.
  • Pain in the ear.
Based on the classification of TNM systems recommended by the American Joint Committee on Cancer, stage 4 cancer has a characteristic size of cancer that enlarges about 3-6 cm. Generally, cancer cells have grown and spread to the soft tissues and organs around them, ranging from lymph nodes, lungs, skull bones, and surrounding bones.

Stage 4 Tongue Cancer Treatment You Need To Know

Treatment of stage 4 tongue cancer is done in an effort to cure or control cancer as long as possible, as well as relieve symptoms.

The treatment of stage 4 lip cancer is divided into two categories based on the size and spread of cancer, or by its classification, 4A and 4B stage stomach cancer.

Stadial tongue cancer 4A

In stage 4A tongue cancer that attacks the front of the tongue where cancer has spread and grows in nearby tissues, its treatment is in the form of surgery and radiation. Surgery in question is one of the surgical removal of lymph nodes in the neck.
While there is cancer tongue stage 4A which attacks the base of the tongue, handling in the form of a combination of chemotherapy and radiation therapy or also called chemoradiation therapy. Any cancer remaining after this therapy is removed through surgical procedures. If cancer has spread to the lymph nodes of the neck, it is the necessary surgical removal of lymph nodes after chemoradiation therapy.

The choice of treatment will depend on the location of cancer, its spread, the side effects, and the patient's health status. Some doctors recommend chemotherapy as the first treatment, followed by chemoradiotherapy (chemotherapy and radiation given simultaneously), and then surgery if needed.

Stage 4B

Tongue cancer 4B stage lung cancer, where cancer has spread to other organs, can be treated with surgery, plus radiation therapy and chemotherapy to improve survival and quality of life of the patient.
To prevent tongue cancer, it is advisable not to smoke or use chewing tobacco, limit the consumption of alcoholic beverages, avoid having oral sex with multiple partners, and routinely check your oral health condition to the dentist every six months.

To get more information related to the stages of tongue cancer and its treatment, you can immediately consult a doctor to perform a cancer-related consultation.

Title : Tongue Cancer Stage 4: Recognize Symptoms And Treatment

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