Rhesus Negative Blood Group, This Is The Fact

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Rhesus Negative Blood Group

The rhesus negative blood type signifies that you do not have a protein or Rh factor antigen on the surface of red blood cells. In addition to the groupings of blood groups A, B, AB, and O, the rhesus grouping of blood, positive and negative, is also important from the medical side.
For example, a rhesus negative blood group in a person with type A blood type means having A-type antigen on the surface of red blood cells but does not have Rh type ( Rh factor ) antigen. Meanwhile, a blood type A positive person will have both, type A antigen and Rh factor.

The rhesus negative blood type is most common in Caucasians. It is estimated that about 15% of people of that race have rhesus negative. Rhesus negative most rarely found in Asian races is only about 1% of the Asian racial population.

Rhesus Negative Matches What Type Of Blood Type Only?

Although blood has the same content, namely red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, and blood plasma. However, knowing for certain types of blood type you will be very helpful if later blood transfusion is needed. Accepting a blood type different from your blood type can be fatal. This is because the body can form antibodies to ward off foreign cells that come from blood donors that do not fit your blood type.

The formation of antibodies in your blood plasma will depend on the type of blood you have. For example, the owner of class B blood will form antibodies against blood type A, because the owner of blood type B will consider blood from blood group A as a dangerous substance. Therefore, if a person with blood type B gets a blood transfusion from class A, his body will directly fight the red blood cells. In addition to class A, the owner of blood type B is also unable to receive blood transfusions from the AB class.

You can only get blood transfusions from the same blood group or blood type O rhesus negative, and after going through a process called crossmatching. Blood Type O rhesus negative does not have antigen A or B, and Rh factor on the surface of red blood cells, so that your body does not form antibodies against the blood cells.

So for rhesus negative, if you are the owner of Blood Type A, B, AB or O, you can only accept blood transfusions of blood type that have antigens similar to your blood and have no Rh or Rh type antigen. Here's the description:
  • Blood group A rhesus negative blood can only receive blood from A rhesus negative and negative rhesus.
  • Negative Blow B blood can only receive blood from negative Rh and negative rhesus.
  • Blood group AB Rhesus negative blood can only receive blood from A rhesus negative, Rhesus negative, AB rhesus negative, and negative rhesus.
  • Negative Blood Group O blood can only receive from negative rhesus.
  • The blood type O rhesus negative is also called a universal red blood cell donor because it has no antigen A, B, and Rh factor. However, he could only receive blood donations from the negative Rhesus class.
Rhesus Negative and Pregnancy

Pregnant women who do not have Rh (rhesus negative) antigen in their blood with couples with Rh (rhesus positive) antigens may decrease Rh antigens in the fetus.

If there is a maternal and fetal rhesus incompatibility, the mother's body may develop antibodies to the type of blood that the fetus has. Antibodies are formed when small amounts of maternal blood can be mixed with fetal blood. Your body can form an immune response to your own fetus. It is possible that your antibodies will pass through the placenta and ward off the baby's blood, causing the fetus to develop hemolytic anemia that will be fatal if not treated promptly. This medical condition is also called rhesus disease.

If you have a rhesus negative blood group, then there is a chance the doctor will give a shot of Rh immunoglobulin (RhIg) before the age of 28 weeks and after delivery. Consult your doctor if you have a rhesus negative blood group and want to plan a pregnancy. Giving injections RhIg probably will not help much if your body has formed antibodies from previous pregnancies.

Title : Rhesus Negative Blood Group, This Is The Fact

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