Liver Function Disorder: Know The Symptoms And Prevention Here

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Liver Function Disorder: Know The Symptoms And Prevention Here
The impaired liver function can cause a person suffering from the life-threatening liver disease. P Causes of liver dysfunction ie common infection and exposure to toxic chemicals.  Identify signs and symptoms early on, so that the disease is more treatable.
Impaired liver function occurs when the liver organ is injured and lost its function, and cause health problems in the body which is then called liver disease. The impaired liver function can be caused by various factors that can damage the liver such as viral and parasitic infections, alcohol abuse, side effects of medicines and herbal products, genetic factors, autoimmune diseases, liver cancer, and obesity. Over time, damage to the liver causes scarring or cirrhosis that can lead to liver failure.

Recognize the Signs and Symptoms of Liver Function Disorder Here!

Some patients with liver dysfunction do not show specific symptoms, not infrequently this condition only shows symptoms when the liver function has entered the heavy stage. As for signs and symptoms of impaired liver function that you can be aware of, among others:
  • Sick yellow.
  • Abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.
  • Swelling around the eyes, stomach, and legs.
  • The skin feels itchy.
  • The color of the urine is dark, and the color of the stool is pale or whitish.
  • Tired, jaded and lethargic.
  • Loss of appetite and weight loss.
  • Easy bruising.
  • Confusion.
  • Loss of consciousness.
  • Bleeding.
  • Handling of Diseases Due to Liver Function Disorders
Knowing the cause of liver dysfunction is important to determine treatment and treatment steps. Generally, the doctor will advise the patient to perform a series of examinations including physical examination and investigation, such as full blood tests, liver function tests, electrolytes, and kidney function. If needed, the doctor will also suggest a liver ultrasound examination, CT scan, MRI of the liver and biopsy of the liver tissue.

Handling diseases due to liver function disorders depend on the results of the examination and diagnosis of the doctor. Some liver disorders can be treated with programs that include monitoring liver function, for example by improving lifestyle, stopping alcohol consumption, or losing weight. Other liver function disorders can be treated with medication and surgical procedures. If it has caused liver failure, then the liver transplant procedure becomes a medical step that can be taken.

How To Prevent Liver Function Disorders

To maintain the health of the liver and prevent the disruption of liver function, there are simple steps that you can apply in everyday life, among others:

Limit beverage consumption Air Alcohol
Because alcohol is one of the common causes of liver failure, you are advised to reduce or stop consuming alcohol.
Applying a healthy lifestyle
By applying a healthy lifestyle, such as exercising and eating a balanced diet to maintain weight, in order to reduce the risk of impaired liver function. Also, avoid risky behaviors such as unprotected sex.

Conduct vaccination

To reduce the risk of hepatitis disease, you are advised to immunize hepatitis A and B.

Consuming drugs of wisely

Consume drugs, both obtained from prescription or OTC drugs, only when necessary and the recommended dosage. Avoid mixing drugs and alcohol. Should consult a doctor before taking herbal supplements, prescription drugs, or over the counter medications.

Avoid contact with blood and other people's body fluids

Hepatitis virus can be spread through a needle puncture either intentional or not. Avoid sharing needles with other people, and use personal protective equipment such as gloves when it comes into contact with someone else's body fluids.

Protect yourself from exposure to toxic substances

Make sure the room is ventilated and wear protective gear such as masks and gloves when spraying toxic chemicals, such as insecticides, fungicides, and paints. Always follow the instructions for use before spraying aerosol-containing materials into the room.

Until now there has been no clinically-tested alternative treatment to deal with diseases caused by liver dysfunction. You are still advised to give priority to medical treatment from a doctor. It is also advisable to regularly check your medical condition to the doctor and perform liver function tests regularly to ensure that you avoid liver function disruption.

Title : Liver Function Disorder: Know The Symptoms And Prevention Here

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