How To Select Good Eyeglasses For Eyes

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How To Select Good Eyeglasses For Eyes

Sunglasses that a person uses not only be a sweetener appearance. Moreover, glasses also have health functions that should be aware of the wearer.

Using glasses is a way to treat the eyes and not a means to cure vision. One of the most commonly overlooked functions is the function of protecting the eyes from damage that can be caused by ultraviolet light.

The danger of Ultraviolet Light
Exposure to ultraviolet light in a certain period of time on the eye not only can cause damage to the skin surface of the eyelid. Parts of the eye, such as the cornea, lens, and retina were potentially damaged. In fact, ultraviolet light is thought to have contributed to the emergence of pterygium, cataracts, and macular degeneration.

Exposure to ultraviolet light directly impacting the cornea of the eye is even at risk of causing keratitis. This condition is an inflammation of the cornea that provides a sensation of pain and swelling in this part of the eye. Basking too long in the sun or ultraviolet light is one of the activities that may be the cause of keratitis.

How does ultraviolet light get to the retina? This condition is commonly experienced by those who stared at direct sunlight during a solar eclipse without the use of special glasses to protect the eyes.

Sort-Select Black Eyeglasses
Because it has such an important function in protecting the eyes, the glasses must also have some conditions, both in the form and the lens material. Good glasses should be able to block the entry of ultraviolet light. Therefore, the glasses should have large circular frames covering the eyes and surroundings. This is necessary, considering the rays can just enter from the sides of the eye which by ordinary frames may not be protected.

Good glasses to protect the eyes is that has a lens that is able to block at least 75 percent of incoming light. Even eye health experts suggest that the lens can filter almost all of the A and B ultraviolet rays at once.

Look for lenses that have evenly color or darkness of the lens. To test, hold the glasses with your arms straight ahead. Look straight into the distance through your glasses. If the glasses are moved slowly horizontally and the visible object becomes curved and distortion means the lens is not eligible. But there is always to be remembered, dark-colored lenses are not a guarantee if the glasses are not able to counteract harmful ultraviolet rays. Should consult with an ophthalmologist in advance if you want to buy good sunglasses.

Type Glasses Black Worthy Considered
In addition to having a function to protect the eyes from exposure to ultraviolet light, certain types and additional functions of sunglasses are to be considered.

Glasses with polarizing lenses
Glasses with polarized lenses have a function to reduce the glare generated by the reflection of light when illuminating the surface of water or snow. This type of glasses is useful for anyone who drives in the daytime or those who like fishing.

Polycarbonate lens glasses
Polycarbonate material grown in eyeglass lenses has the function of protecting the wearer who likes to perform extreme activities. Glasses with this type of lens suitable for those who need eye protection while exercising.

Glasses with blue blocking lenses
The embedding of a lens capable of blocking blue is especially useful in seeing distant objects located in snow or obscured objects. Hunters, sailors, pilots, and those who like to ski sport usually wear this type of glasses.

Photochromic lens glasses
The photochromic lens can adapt to the amount of light exposure. When exposed to large amounts of light, this lens will turn dark. Vice versa. At night, when the sunlight no longer exists, the lenses will become bright. However, this change does not happen suddenly. It takes time to adjust the lightness of the lens to the amount of light exposure.

Glasses with gradient lens
There are two types of gradient lens, single and double. Single gradient lenses with darker parts above are considered capable of reducing the glare of light so that the wearer is able to see the object clearly. This type of glasses is not recommended for sports, but good if used while driving.

Meanwhile, double gradient lens glasses, either used for water activities or winter sports, but not while driving. This type of lens has darker parts on the top and bottom of the lens, while in the center of the lens is brighter.

What must be remembered is that even the best glasses are not able to protect the wearer from the light that is too bright and strong intensity. Therefore, those who are familiar with strong light while working, such as welding, are obliged to wear special protection. Special protection is also needed when looking at direct sunlight, for example, to watch the solar eclipse.

Title : How To Select Good Eyeglasses For Eyes

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