How To Recognize And Help Sensitive Children To Manage Emotions

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Does Mother see Little Person often crying or excessive anger when hearing the words of others while joking? Or, he cried hard and long, just because he did not get a red balloon-like his friend. There may be children with these traits, including psychologically sensitive children.

These children are naturally overreacting to something just ordinary. However, about 15-20% of children are born with the nervous system that is more alert and quick to react to things that happen around it. Not only on the actions or words of others, but also on the smell, sound, light, and even the mood of the people around him. Toddlers are quite sensitive even not infrequently can read the emotions of his parents you know, Mother.

Emotional with High Empathy
According to psychologists, parenting patterns, especially at an early age, will determine whether this sensitivity will be anxious and cause a prolonged anxiety or even a surplus of the child. Mother is advised to be able to accompany her properly so that she will be able to manage her emotions well and positively.

Being a parent of an overly sensitive child can be a challenge in itself. These fast-paced children often feel overwhelmed when under stress or stress due to new situations, sudden changes, and crowds.

In addition, he also felt certain events such as defeat and criticism in depth. There are children who can cry just by listening to music. There is also a cannot bear to see the scene of violence in the film. This is why children like this are often labeled as emotional, angry, crying or shy children.

And on the other hand, a very sensitive child actually has attention, affection, softness, and high creativity. For example, he could feel the feelings of his friend who was being bullied.

Tips to Accompany Sensitive Children
Sensitive children need proper parenting for their sensitivity to be a means of creativity and empathy so that they are able to manage their emotions and use them for positive things. Here are some guidelines for parents who have too sensitive children:

Sensitivity needs to be regarded as something positive
Parents or psychologists cannot turn a sensitive child into a more insensitive child or be as ignorant as any other child. All you can do is manage sensitivity to more value. It's not easy to stay calm while your little one is crying because things are not important. But sensitivity is also a feature of artists such as musicians, painters, actors. Therefore, if properly directed, a sensitive child can pour his emotions into creation as in pictures, music, or other works.

Discipline in a special way
Disciplining sensitive children hard will only make them more depressed and at risk of causing an explosion of energy at a time, like a tantrum. But it also does not mean that sensitive children should not be disciplined. Mother can help her deal with her emotions such as by training breathing when angry. Mother can also help make the child's daily life more structured with more diplomatic sentences such as, "Watch it in five minutes. As promised, we sleep at 9 pm "This is better than suddenly Mother turned off the TV and told him to sleep right then and there with a loud voice.

Teach children to manage emotions
When she cries, telling her to stop crying might just make her cry even tighter. Mother can try to stop her tears by playing and suddenly exclaiming, "So a statue!" If successful, this break gives Mother and Child a chance to take a deep breath and calm down. Mother can also distract her. For example, invite children to count numbers 1 to 10 with fast.

Have the child tell the reason for his actions
If she can tell her experience, ask her to tell her why she cried, and what she can do together to make her feel good. Mother can also throw ideas such as inviting friends to play at home, drawing, or playing in the park.

Turn a bad moment into a positive one
If a child cries for ridicule, Mother can turn this moment into a time for dialogue. Encourage the child to understand that it's okay to be different and that he does not need to listen too badly to other people's bad words. Maybe he will not understand right away. But over time, Mother's words will she remember and form her confidence.

Give timeout
Overly sensitive children tend to be susceptible to situations in their environment, including at school and at home. So it requires a place or a special activity that makes it calm. Mother can notice where and when she feels calm, and how this need can be fulfilled.

Mother's duties may be more challenging if too sensitive psychic conditions occur in unusual boys to cry easily and show emotion. In this case, Mother needs to receive and appreciate the Little Person, including her deep feelings and different responses from other children. The more mature children tend not to show their feelings and suppress their sensitivity. But he needs to learn to love himself and know when he should not think too much about other people.

In addition to the above, sensitivity can also be aggravated by other conditions such as lack of sleep or irregular eating patterns. Can also be triggered major changes such as the birth of a new sister or class with new friends. If this is the case, Mother can help Little to learn to adapt.

When the child seems too sensitive to excessively disturbing his daily life and achievements, it's good if Mother consulted the child psychologist. Ultimately, sensitive children need to be role models so that they can use their "merits" in a world that often thinks of sensitivity as a deficiency. Being a parent who can manage emotions instead of suppressing or leaving them out of control is an important thing he will remember to serve as a role model.

Title : How To Recognize And Help Sensitive Children To Manage Emotions

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