Eight Facts About Breasts

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Eight Facts About Breasts

A woman must know how to care for her breasts. Let's examine some breast related facts for the benefit of your health.

Female breasts are milk glands that function to produce milk which will be a baby intake. In addition to breast function and anatomy, there are several facts about other breasts you need to know.

Facts about breast

Here are 8 facts about the breast.

1. Growing breasts
Not many know what causes the breasts in women can grow at the time of puberty. Breast growth is triggered by a growing set of growth hormones and estrogen hormones.

2. Breast size is different
Breast size is different between left and right. The left breast is usually generally slightly larger than the right side breast. The difference could be around 20 percent. This is due to the growth phase of the breast, the speed of development of right and left breast is different. However, if the size of both breasts is very different and you are worried, you can consult a doctor to find out what steps to take, including the possibility of plastic surgery.

3. Breastfeeding can protect women from breast cancer
The fact of the next breast is nursing. Yes, breastfeeding or exclusive breastfeeding can make women protected from breast cancer. Do not be afraid the breasts become sagging or down for too long breastfeeding. Breastfeeding provides excellent benefits for the baby, as well as for the health of her mother.

4. Breast cancer can also attack men
Not only in women, men can also get breast cancer. Although the cause is still unclear, there are some things that can lead to the suspected cause of breast cancer in men, namely obesity, age (usually affects men aged over 60 years), and there are family members who had contracted breast cancer both men and women.

5. Breastfeeding can provide stimulation for women
At the time of breastfeeding, some women may feel aroused. This is normal because it is the natural response of the lactation hormone. During breastfeeding the hormone prolactin will be active, as well as the hormone oxytocin. Prolactin hormone in addition to producing milk can also provide a sense of relaxation, while the hormone oxytocin can trigger breast tissue contraction and give a tingling sensation at the time before milk is removed.

6. Breast size can change every month
Maybe you've felt the breast feels full and sometimes feels more relaxed when using a bra. Whether or not it is realized, it is caused by changes in hormone levels during the menstrual cycle. The rise and fall of some hormones during the menstrual cycle causes the breast size to change.

7. Not all lumps are breast cancer
Not all lumps in the breast are breast cancer. About 80-85 percent of these lumps have the possibility of not cancer. In healthy breasts, during the pre-menstrual period, the breasts will feel slightly more swollen or can feel a lump. But if you feel the lump is not normal and quite disturbing, immediately consult a doctor.

8. Smoking can make sagging breasts
In addition to the aging process, changes in hormone levels and pregnancy, smoking is thought to cause lethargy in the breast. A study found that smoking could damage the protein needed to maintain breast firmness, so the breasts become slack.

Breast for women is an important part of the body. Keep your health as well as the beauty of your breasts by staying away from things that have a bad effect on the breast. Routine self-examination to the doctor to perform breast examination is also an important step breast care.

Title : Eight Facts About Breasts

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