Do Not Smoke Using Sex Toys

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Do Not Smoke Using Sex Toys
It may not be unusual for couples to use sex aids or sex toys. The tool is indeed made to help couples achieve sexual pleasure.
Sex toys form a variety, there are like human genitals to human dolls. Some types of sex toys can vibrate so as to provide a more stimulating effect to the wearer. Although sex aids can add sexual pleasure to couples, the wearer must pay attention to aspects of cleanliness.

Note Some Things Here
Since the industry of sex aids is relatively new, the safety and security rules of the product are still not as detailed as other industries. Matters relating to raw materials and chemicals used are still not strictly regulated.

The users of sex toys must understand well how to maintain the cleanliness of the tools used. If the hygiene factor is forgotten, one of the disadvantages is that it can be transmitted by sexually transmitted infections and blood-borne infections.

Some sexually transmitted infections that can be transmitted are syphilis, herpes, and chlamydia. While the disease can be transmitted through body fluids that are pronely transmitted through sex toys are HIV, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C. Sex toys also increase the risk of bacterial vaginosis.

Some of the things below can be done to prevent the occurrence of transmission of various diseases above through sex toys.
  • Choose plastic or silicone sex toys, because it is safer and does not have the potential to cause cancer. Avoid the use of sex toys made from phthalate because of the risk of causing allergies and cancer.
  • Do not share sex toys with others.
  • Dressing sex aids, such as vibrators, with condoms when worn by others.
  • Washing sex toys before and after use. When using sex toys will move from one area to another body area, washing should also be done.
  • Check each fold or curve of your sex toys so as not to become a hotbed of germs. Scratches on the surface of sex toys can also be a hotbed of germs.
  • Before using sex toys, please read the product's usage instructions to find out the correct usage. Also, make sure to follow the storage instructions on the label.
Have This If Using Sex Toys
The main purpose of using sex toys is to get maximum pleasure in your sexual relationships and couples. In order to use sex toys does not even cause disease for you and your partner, then some of the following should be owned.

Antibacterial cleanser
This antibacterial cleanser is very important, especially if you share sex toys with your partner. Washing with an antibacterial cleanser is also mandatory if the tool is used on different parts of the body, for example from the anus to the vagina and vice versa. If there is no antibacterial cleanser, at least wash with warm water and soap. Note the instructions on how to clean the device properly, so as not to damage.

Choose a water-based lubricant because it is more suitable for various types of sex toys. If your sex toys are made of silicone, then avoid silicone-based lubricants as well. Avoid using oil-based lubricants if you have sex toys from rubber materials.

By looking at the things above, hopefully, the use of sex toys will make your relationship and your partner become more tight and romantic, but still healthy.

Title : Do Not Smoke Using Sex Toys

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