Can A Child Have Cervical Cancer Treatment?

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Can A Child Have Cervical Cancer Treatment?

Women who are diagnosed with cervical cancer, in general, feel worried that they are not able to have children again. Actually, the cause of cervical cancer is human papillomavirus or human papillomavirus (HPV) has no direct impact on fertility.
However, HPV increases a person's risk of developing cervical cancer, which can affect fertility and pregnancy. In addition, the effects of cervical cancer treatment are the more likely reasons for infertility.

Disorder Risk for Pregnant

In addition to lethal cancer cells, cervical cancer treatment, unfortunately, risks affecting the ability of women in having offspring.

For cases that are not yet severe, cervical cancer can be treated by radical trachelectomy (radical trachelectomy), the removal of the cervix. In this action, the uterus and ovary are left, allowing the woman to become pregnant in the future.

At a later stage, treatment of cervical cancer is generally done with a hysterectomy or removal of the uterus. As a consequence, hysterectomy makes women unable to conceive again.

There are also other treatment options that are with radiotherapy and chemotherapy to kill cancer cells. Unfortunately, radiotherapy that does focus on the pelvic region is known to potentially damage the egg and ovaries. To anticipate ovarian damage, your doctor may move the ovaries from around the area to do for a while.

Damage to eggs and ovaries may gradually improve after cancer treatment is stopped, but may also be permanent or persistent. If the damage occurs permanently, a woman can no longer contain.

To note, the womb of women who previously exposed to radiation during pregnancy is a higher risk of preterm birth. Another risk is miscarriage due to scarring and reduced blood flow to the uterus. Meanwhile, chemotherapy drugs also have the potential to damage the egg cells in the ovaries so that the risk of miscarriage was higher.

Efforts to Maintain Fertility

As already discussed above, a woman may be infertile after undergoing various cervical cancer treatments. So as to reduce the possibility to get pregnant.

However, stage or stage of cancer also contributes to the possibility of pregnancy. If handling is done at the precancerous level, it is likely that only the removal of the smaller cervical tissue will be less likely to affect fertility.

Whereas if the new handling will be done after cancer enters a heavy stage, then damage to the uterus may be quite severe until the possibility to get pregnant becomes very small. The radical trachelectomy action is still possible for pregnancy, although it must obtain the help of fertility experts or other technologies.  

 Physicians with expertise in fertility may suggest that eggs may be frozen and stored before cervical cancer treatment is done. This is so that after handling cervical cancer successfully done, if the uterus still can be maintained its function, then program IVF ( in vitro fertilization ) or baby tube can be done as one effort to reach pregnancy.

 If then the cervical cancer patient is no longer fertile and can contain, then do not need to be discouraged. There is still the option to adopt a child, after treatment of cervical cancer. So can still have the opportunity to give and get the love for children. This can be considered as an option.

 For further advice, consult a doctor about the possibility of pregnancy after cervical cancer treatment. No less important is to do early detection for regular cervical examination.

Title : Can A Child Have Cervical Cancer Treatment?

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