Beware These Early Symptoms Of Cervical Cancer

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Beware These Early Symptoms Of Cervical Cancer
Cervical cancer or also often called cervical cancer, including one of the most widely attacked women in Indonesia. Early symptoms of cervical cancer often appear vague, so many women are less concerned. Not infrequently this new cancer is known at an advanced stage and handling is probably too late.
Data per the year 2013 collected by the Ministry of Health shows cervical cancer and breast cancer occupy the first and second most of all cases of cancer. Cervical cancer and breast cancer are also the two most commonly performed treatments at national cancer referral centers hospitals.

Check the Signs
The cervix is the narrow part of the opening of the uterus toward the vaginal cavity (cervix). Cervical cancer occurs when the abnormal cells grow uncontrollably. This condition can be overcome when finding at an early stage, through a pap smear examination.

The reason, early-stage cervical cancer rarely shows certain symptoms. When the symptoms are visible, generally it is because cervical cancer cells have begun to invade surrounding tissue.

Here are some early symptoms of cervical cancer that need to be considered:

Vaginal fluid changes

The incidence of whiteness along with bleeding is unusual. This condition is one of the early symptoms of cervical cancer that must be wary of. Vaginal discharge with brown, pale, abrasive, foul-smelling, or bloody, which occurs continuously or repeatedly, can be a sign of cervical cancer and ordinary infection.

Abnormal bleeding

Some types of abnormal bleeding, such as bleeding occur outside the time of menstruation, more menstrual blood, longer menstrual periods, and bleeding after menopause. Including, bleeding that occurs after sexual intercourse. Beware of it as an early symptom of cervical cancer. While there are other possible causes, it is important to check these conditions immediately.

Pain in the lower abdomen or cervix

Arising pain in the lower abdomen or pelvic area, as well as pain during intercourse, can also be suspected as an early symptom of cervical cancer.

Positive infected with Human PapillomaVirus

Generally, cervical cancer is caused by HPV virus or human papillomavirus that can be transmitted through sexual contact. Some HPV can trigger genital warts, some cause cervical cancer.

If cervical cancer has progressed to more severe stages, the symptoms include pain in the pelvic cavity or back, difficulty urinating, swelling of one or both legs, and feeling tired. In addition, other symptoms such as pain in bone, blood in the urine, changes in bowel habits, loss of appetite, and weight loss.

Perform Periodic Examination

To determine the condition of the uterus periodically, it is important to routinely perform Pap smear examination. Usually, the doctor will recommend this examination every 3 years since the woman entered the age of 21 years. For women aged 30 years and over and want to check the presence of HPV in her womb, can perform pap smear tests every 5 years. The test will take a sample of cells from the cervix and check whether there is a change in the nature of cervical cells.

If there is a suspicion of a change in the nature of the cervical cell, it is likely that the doctor will request further tests, such as a biopsy. The doctor will take tissue samples from the cervix. This is done to look for possible precancerous conditions or cancer cells in the cervix.

In addition to pap smear examination, HPV vaccination can also be done as an effort to prevent cervical cancer. This vaccination can be done for ages 9-26 years.

Pay close attention to the changes that occur in your reproductive organs. Perform regular checks to determine the health condition. Do not immediately believe the myths about cervical cancer. If you experience any unusual symptoms, consult your doctor immediately to determine if this is an early symptom of cervical cancer or other illness.

Title : Beware These Early Symptoms Of Cervical Cancer

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