7 Tips and Best Dog food buying guide

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Dog food buying guide

Many of us feel confused when about to choose the ideal dog food. Most owners make mistakes when choosing food for their pets. Here are some suggestions and rules of thumb when you are about to choose the best foods for Your pet dog.

1. Look for the following things in order to find the best dog food

You need to find out some of the aspects that make a product to be the best dog food products. You need to identify some elements and matched it with various brands of dog food available. A good dog food is able to meet most nutritional needs of dogs. But the best brand is capable of covering all aspects. The bottom line, a good dog food should be able to meet the required nutritional pet Your pet. In addition to nutritional adequacy, best dog food does not use artificial preservatives. Artificial preservatives like BHT, Ethoxyquin, and BHA affect the taste of food. The best way is to choose a dog food with preservatives Ascorbic (ascorbate) and tocopherols (tocopherol) safer for dogs.

2. Check the Age of your dog

Good food should be tailored to the age of the dog. There are several classifications of dog life stages as follows: puppy (puppy), adult, and senior dogs (older). Each stage requires a different type of food due to the nutritional needs that they need is also different.

> Puppy (Puppy)

Food for a puppy should have the ideal ratio of protein and fat are needed to help puppies grow faster and healthier.

> Adult Dogs

Dogs are considered to be entering the adult aged between 1 and 6 years old. When he was grown, the need for protein and fat will increase. Dry dog food is often considered sufficient need dogs in this age.

> Senior Dog (Older)

Dry dog food especially very helpful at this stage. Need a little more protein and fat than adult dogs. However, senior dogs need more fiber to maintain body fitness.

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3. Note the Contents and materials

Look at the ingredients the makers of dog food is extremely important. Always choose foods that have at least two sources of meat. Next, you have to find the source of the content of carbohydrates. Grains are considered a source of good carbs. Some think the grain will cause digestive problems in dogs. In fact, the grains remain required except in dogs that have sensitive digestion. If that is the case, then avoid choosing a dog food that contains whole grains. In addition, natural dog food usually contains minerals and probiotics. Only, the price of natural food can be much more expensive than dry food. Select a dog food that suits your budget.

4. Choose between a wet dog food, dry, and raw

Maybe it is noticeably not important, but the fact is you have to make choices. Dry dog food usually has the most affordable prices. These types of foods also provide protein and vegetables that are desperately needed by your pet. It's just dry dog food, it needs to be coupled with wet dog food and raw to provide better nutrition. Wet dog food is usually a high ratio of protein and fat. These foods also contain a few preservatives. The main reason is usually packed in wet food cans that are already experienced in the preservation process. Meanwhile, raw foods are usually sold frozen in the form of raw so you may need to offer him (Cook) before Your pet dog given to

5. Change your dog's Food with care

The moment was about to replace the old dog food with a new type, do it gradually. Mix the other half of the old food with a half portion new food. Give Your dog time to make adjustments.

6. Let Food be different for female dog pregnant or Breastfeeding

Pregnant dogs require different types of food. Basically, a pregnant female dog needs more energy during the third period of her pregnancy. That's because your dog may require supplementation of protein and carbohydrates in their meals. Nursing dogs also need 8 times more energy than normal. You have to give him a probiotic to keep them active and agile. At the same time, protein and carbs also needed to keep his sons remains strong.

7. Consider price and availability

Quality dog food need not be expensive. Select a dog food that meets the needs of protein, fat, and carbohydrates without making your budget conceded. In addition, the factor of availability also must be heeded. Select an easily obtainable and food always available both offline and online stores.


The best dog food doesn't have to be expensive. We need only compare the content and availability of one brand to another. In order for health and liveliness to your pet dog stay awake, be sure to provide a healthy and complete meal to them.

Title : 7 Tips and Best Dog food buying guide

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