15 Exotic Tourist Places in Qatar

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15 Exotic Tourist Places in Qatar

Qatar, one of the world's most affluent nations is Muslim. Not only has a charming view, Qatar also offers a variety of sights on Qatar are interesting to visit, just like the tourist attractions in Dubai and tourist attractions in Oman. What are the tourist attractions in Qatar? Check out the following reviews.

1. Artificial Island Palm Tree
Artificial Island Palm Tree

This artificial island known as Palm Tree Island was built by the Government of Qatar and is one of the phenomenal buildings here. Do not imagine an artificial island as usual or most other artificial islands, yes. The artificial island in Qatar is unique, has a different shape that is shaped palm tree as a typical middle eastern plant. No kidding mega artificial island project is done by a world-class company called Nakheel Properties.

Palm Tree Island is an artificial peninsula made of sand. The sand comes from the bottom of the Persian Gulf. Withdrawal by the Company of Belgium and the Netherlands. On the outer side of the artificial island, there is a crescent shape and its function as a wave breaker/wave is also known as Palm Jumeirah and made using 7 tons of stone. The construction was completed again in 2002 and successfully formed a 4 km long peninsula named after Palm Jebel Ali.

Can you imagine how much money is poured to make this one artificial island, is not it? Clearly, on the artificial island, you can see the many villas and luxury apartments, office and business centers, so this island can then make money for the country of Qatar. However, the technology used to create the island does not guarantee the security of the island. Yes, some time ago Palm Tree Island reportedly threatened to drown because of the decrease of land about 1 cm per year. Although the news has been denied, the threat of the island could have drowned still haunt Palm Tree Island.

2. Hotel Atlantis
Hotel Atlantis

One of the icons of Palm Tree Island is Hotel Atlantis. This world-class hotel will make you stunned if you have a visit or maybe stay at the hotel. Rates stay here certainly not kidding. Prices are as high as the sky and certainly certain circles who can stay at the Hotel Atlantis. Equipped with comfortable and luxurious facilities make this hotel so excellent. Do not ask how much the rent is, yes. As ordinary people certainly can not bear to see the nominal that sky-high.

To reach this super-luxurious hotel, if taken from downtown Dubai, you need about 30 minutes. If from Dubai International Airport you need approximately 45 minutes journey. Hotel Atlantis offers a wonderful tourist experience combined with stunning luxury accommodation. If you rise to the top floor of Atlantis Hotel at night, you will find beautiful artificial island scenery with flickering lights. Hotel Atlantis has 1,539 rooms and each room is so spacious. Facilities provided by the hotel include interconnecting doors, mini bar, satellite television, spacious and beautiful green garden, a water tour in the form of visiting Dolphin Bay to make direct interaction with cute dolphins. Then, this hotel is usually chosen to be a tourist spot for a honeymoon.

3. Souq Waqif
Souq Waqif

Qatar is a developed country and belongs to a wealthy and affluent country. But it does not necessarily make Qatar no longer need Souq Waqif. The location is right in Doha. If interpreted or interpreted, Souq Waqif means the market standing or street vendors in Indonesian terms.

One of the attractions of Souq Waqif in Doha is the price of goods that are affordable and also many types of goods that you can find and maybe you are looking for. For example is a wide range of souvenirs, spices, up to traditional clothing is available. Souq Waqif is over 100 years old, you know. Wow! It's old.

Although around this location are many stands of buildings and luxury hotels, but Souq Waqif still maintained and instead become one of the interesting and popular tourist destinations in the City of Doha. Now Souq Waqif arranged to be neater and often used as a place of workshops, art galleries, up to music concerts. If you want to visit this one location, from the center of Doha City is very easy to reach. Restaurants around this place. There is also a café that provides ice cream.

4. Museum of Islamic Art
Museum of Islamic Art

Next, there is the Museum of Islamic Art. This one museum has a high historical value. Qatar turned out not only to offer the tour of luxury and magnificent buildings, yes. This Muslim-majority country has a museum with an ancient Islamic style architecture with a unique design.

The only museum in the Persian Gulf will be further equipped with restaurant facilities. Not only contains a variety of Islamic art collection, but the Museum of Islamic Art also provides other facilities such as libraries and space for research.

The building area of the museum reaches 45,000 square meters and is the Museum of Islamic Art with the most complete and numerous collection of Islamic artifacts in the world collected since the late 1980s. The collection includes manuscripts, pendants, ceramics, jade, and textiles. Please note that the collection in the Museum of Islamic Art comes from several countries, including India, Central Asia, Egypt, Spain, Iraq, Iran, and Turkey. The architect who designed and designed the museum is called IM Pei. The museum structure is inspired by the Alhambra Mosque (Spain) and Ibn Tulun (Egypt). The museum's construction was completed in 2006 and inaugurated on November 22, 2008. The museum once visited Prince Charles was opened to the public on December 1 of the same year.

5. Burj Khalifa
Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa which can also be interpreted as Khalifa Tower is one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world which is made by human hands. This phenomenal building looks luxurious with a height of up to 829.84 meters. Construction of this skyscraper does take a long time, up to several years. The construction was made on 21 September 2004. And then the inauguration of the skyscraper was done on January 4, 2010.

The process of completion of high-rise building project right with the time of the world financial crisis that is between 2007-2012. Although included in the ranks of rich countries in the world, but the world financial crisis that coincides with the construction of the Burj Khalifa this could also make Qatar debt-laden (to complete the construction of the building). To the extent that the country is borrowing or indebted to some neighboring countries. The world's tallest tower during the inauguration was named Burj Khalifa. The move is to honor the United Arab Emirates President Khalifa bin Zayed Al-Nahyan. Now Burj Khalifa became one of the tourist destinations of interest for tourists who want to see firsthand the splendor of the highest skyscraper in the world.

6. Al-Zubara Castle
Al-Zubara Castle

Al-Zubara landscape stood since 1938 and has an important historical value for the citizens of Qatar, especially indigenous people. This place was once a military base until the 1980s. Until now, the fortress that has architecture and high archeological value is much visited by travelers who want to enjoy the beauty and feel of history in Al-Zubara Fort. There is one more interesting that is located not far from Al-Zubara Castle nicknamed village rich in pearls that serve as a shopping destination.

When you decide to visit this Al-Zubara fortress, make sure that you climb the ladder that is at the back of the fort. By climbing the stairs, you will be taken to the second floor, where there is a room with walls decorated by various holes used by ancient warriors to shoot their opponents who try to enter this fortress.

7. Khor Al-Adaid
Khor Al-Adaid

This is one of the attractions that seem only you can meet during a visit to Qatar. His name is Khor Al-Adaid. This is a beach directly adjacent to the desert that is enveloped most of the territory of the State of Qatar. This one beach was nicknamed the beach in the middle of the desert. When you look around the beach, there will be sand dunes and this is what makes Khor Al-Adaid unique and interesting because it is different from the atmosphere of other beaches.

Other interesting things that will certainly make you more tempted to visit this place is because this place will facilitate you to do many activities that spur the adrenaline. During the day, you can try out 4WD car races, try sand skiing, to camping ria in the middle of the desert. If you want your camping activities to be memorable, you must try camping at night, where you will camp under the moonlight while feeling the breeze in this dessert as well as hearing the roar of the water is the very soothing soul.

8. Katara Mosque
Katara Mosque

This one mosque is located in Doha. Not a great mosque with a size not too big. The uniqueness of Katara Mosque lies in its patterned tiles and design. Tiles are imported from the area around the Persian Gulf as well as Iran.

The tiles that decorate the Katara Mosque are dominated by popular Shi'ite tiles in the middle east region. The color of the mosque is quite unique, so contrast and as a symbol of the greatness of the Persian Country, Arabs, and traditions that exist in Africa.

9. Desert Safari
Desert Safari

Furthermore, for those of you who want to visit the Doha Desert, you must have a careful preparation and do not forget to invite some travel guides. It is they who will prepare all the necessities (food and transportation) during a tour in the Doha Desert. The exciting things you can do here are to explore the desert in four-wheeled vehicles and ride a camel. However, doing desert tours like this you should be more alert, due to sand dunes conditions that are sometimes less friendly.

What is also very interesting from this safari desert is you will also get an unforgettable experience in your life. Through this safari tour, you will also feel the sensation of staying in a camp located in the middle of the desert. In addition, when you reach your camp, you will be greeted with a barbeque party or entertained with traditional Arabic food. So, if you want to try this safari desert, you must apply a  way to save when the holidays will arrive because to beriberi ria this, you have to spend deeply.

10. The Golden Mosque
The Golden Mosque

Which is a wealthy country in the Middle East, would be familiar or shocked by the building of places of worship like this. Unlike the tourists who visit this golden mosque, will certainly feel the unique and different sensations when visiting.

The minaret is still traditional and different from minarets in general. Another uniqueness is the gilded mosque tile and the interior is so charming. In addition, the other uniqueness of this mosque is the wall that seemed so shiny will be gold and can reflect light. When in the daytime, you can see the beautiful gold shades of the walls and pillars of this mosque. So, it does not portray if the name of this mosque is The Golden Mosque.

11. Al Wakra Museum
Al Wakra Museum

The city of Al Wakra is located between Said and Doha. Formerly this is a fishing village area. But now Al Wakra has developed into an independent village that has a variety of recreational areas. Al Wakra, a city that has historical value, tourism in the form of beaches, mosques, to museums. The famous Museum Al Wakra is one of the best museums not only in the city but also the State of Qatar.

For those of you who are keen to find out about the development of architecture in Qatar from ancient times to be modern as now, and want to learn the origin of Qatar, you should visit this museum of Al Wakra. In addition, here you can also see various artifacts showing the history of Qatar. Since formerly this place is a fishing village area, it is no wonder if the main focus and prehistoric items on display at Al Wakra museum is not far away with objects used by the fishermen of ancient times.

12. Kassem Darwish Fakhroo Islam
Kassem Darwish Fakhroo Islam

This building has a spiral shape and is specially designed. No wonder that many tourists who visit the spiral tower, especially at night to witness the beauty of the City of Doha is fascinating. Some of the uses of this building include as a museum, the location of Islamic education, and many international events held in Kassem Darwish Fakhroo Islam.

If you look at the shape, then of course that Kassem Darwish Fakhroo Islam is not a typical building of Qatar. In fact, the shape of this mosque is inspired from the mosque called the Great Mosque of Al-Mutawwakil in Samaria, Iraq there. In addition, as has been explained earlier that this mosque is also a museum and location of Islamic education that is open to the public, both for domestic and foreign tourists. Museum in this mosque is segmented to explain about Islam religion to society from other religion. So, you will benefit religious tourism after a visit to this place.

13. Qatar National Museum
Qatar National Museum

This is one of the exciting tourist destinations in Qatar. Designed by experienced architects from Qatar, the museum was formerly the Sheikh Abdullah Al-Thani Palace. The building is so amazing that it looks like more than a museum or palace. Some exhibitions held in this place include jewelry exhibition, nature exhibition, and so forth.

When you visit Qatar National Museum, you will find 220 rows of seats in the auditorium, 2 restaurants and cafes, a culinary exhibition hall, a garden with a variety of plants, and various laboratories as a venue for research. In addition to pampering your eyes with futuristic designs, you can also learn about the elders of Qatar, see the ancient historical objects of society in Qatar, to study the development of society to be modern as it is today

14. Cornice

If you like nature tourism, especially beach tourism, this one location is very appropriate to be your tourist choice. Especially spending time with your partner. You can walk along the Cornice Beach lips. The activities you can do while on vacation to a location not far from the Museum of Islamic Art is a visit to the Sheraton Sheraton hotel symbol. The attraction of this one tourist location is located on the panoramic view of buildings that appear from the beach side.

In addition to viewing panoramic skyscrapers nan pampering the eyes, you can also see the fish because the water is quite clear. To facilitate you in seeing the fish, provided paddock that will make you a little in the middle of the beach. However, you are not allowed to swim on this beach. Starting from the Corniche's shoreline, you can also go to other sights just on foot, for example to Bal Hambar restaurant, the classic village of Doha, to Qatar national museum.

15. Al Jassasiya Carvings
Al Jassasiya Carvings

This one place is located in a city on the Peninsula of Qatar called Al Ruwais. Some of the natural landscape has a unique shape. This charming and unique panorama you can see in Al Ruwais fishing village. One of the interesting locations in Al Ruwais is Al Jassasiya. When visiting this one site you can see a collection of petroglifyang age between 250 to 900 million years ago. This is the magnetic landscape of travelers who come to Qatar, the city of Doha.

Until now, Al Jassaiya is one of the most mysterious tourist destinations as well as the most attractive for tourists and researchers. Here, you will see 900 kinds of petroglyphs. Oh yes, petroglyphs are an engraving that is usually painted on a rock. Typically, the petroglyphs engraved on this rock form a geometric build up that much to form like ancient animal fossils. Very cool is not it?

Title : 15 Exotic Tourist Places in Qatar

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