What is Sarahah, Application so Viral

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What is Sarahah

What is Sarahah? This Application So Viral, What's the Cause? - In this post, I want to discuss one of the more trending apps at this time. Lots of people are talking about controversial apps lately, Sarahah. Even my friends are also many who use Sarahah application to the extent insert into Snapgram in their Instagram (I 'm tired to see it).

According to netizens Sarahah comes from Arabic which means is honesty. This app is an anonymous instant messaging app that can be used to send messages to people at random. With the condition that person must also use the application Sarahah on the smartphone.

Sarahah made by Saudi programmer Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq was launched in February and garnered a strong user base in Egypt. Currently, Sarahah apps are trendy in various app stores thanks to teenagers who put them into their Snapgram and Instagram accounts.

There are currently about 15 million active users in Sarahah. A lot, is not it? There are about 5 million active users on Android and 4 million active on iOS. Initially, Sarahah application is very popular in the Middle East and now its popularity has begun to grow in the USA and Europe.

Back again according to the first title.

What is sarahah?
As I mentioned above that Sarahah comes from Arabic which means honesty. The function of the Sarahah app is as a means of feedback in the world of work. But now, there are so many young people who use it as a means of communicating against the opposite sex. Is he honest or dishonest?

According to  Sarahah's app help you in finding your strength and your area for improvement by receiving honest feedback from your friends personally.

When viewed from the simple concept of this Sarahah app, users can submit honest opinions to someone else's profile page without having to show their real identity. Obviously, when viewed from the above, the purpose of the Sarahah app is to give a person the strength to tell the true self without having to see who he is. So, keep the privacy secret but can convey the honesty of his heart.

Therefore, the Sarahah app will help you in finding your strengths and weaknesses so that you can make improvements based on feedback from your friends in private.

How to Use Sarahah App?
Honestly, I have never tried using this app. But, because I made an article about Sarahah, I have to use it automatically and try it out.

what is sarahah

Well, for those of you who want to try it just download it in Google Play Store or in App Store.

If you have downloaded it, just open the application. After opening it you must register first (I do not explain it because I'm sure you must know).

Okee I assume you've signed up. Here is a preview of the Sarahah app:
what is sarahah

Try you slide or click the "Search (Search)" icon on the right. Then you just look for him.

user sarahah

Well, if the username already met just click and type your message then send.

So far the discussion about Sarahah which is currently the trend. Maybe useful!

Title : What is Sarahah, Application so Viral

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