Want a Longer-lasting and Longevity Laptop Battery? Do these 9 tips.

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Want a Longer-lasting and Longevity Laptop Battery Do these 9 tips.
Tips For Laptop Battery More Durable - As the usage, laptop battery life will certainly decrease. The main device of this one is very vulnerable to the name of endurance. Laptop batteries that we often meet will usually begin degraded or popular terms, drop when wearing age reaches 12 to 18 months. But, you can make the laptop battery more durable and slightly extend its age with the following tips.

1. Stop the habit of turning on the laptop continuously.

Do not equate laptops with PCs that have better heat resistance than laptops. If you use too long and never shut down for days with the battery still installed, the electronic components inside your laptop will still produce the hot. And this is not good for battery health.

2. Make sure the room temperature is normal.

When you use a laptop, make sure the room is normal or not too hot. You can wear a cooling pad to keep the temperature inside your laptop. With the temperature around the laptop is always awake, of course, can make the laptop battery more durable and long life.

3. Make sure Power Power is stable.

If you are not sure of the stability of the electrical current where you charge the laptop. When your battery is fully charged, you should remove the laptop battery to maintain the cell quality from unstable current exposure. Even though the adapter passes through, but this current stabilizer component has a capability limit (range of work). This condition is also dangerous and can damage all the components in your laptop.

4. Also, make sure the battery is not empty until 0%

Work that never runs out sometimes make us forget to do re-charging. Instead, do not wait until your battery capacity is completely discharged or empty positioned 0%. If done too often, more cells in the battery die and cannot load electrons anymore. Surely this can result in battery life is decreasing.

5. Battery Damage, Replace with Original

If you find your laptop battery is damaged, you should replace it with original part according to the part number of the manufacturer. Do not be pirated or compatible terms. Unless you understand electronic problems, current mismatches and an output voltage from the battery can make the laptop components inside of them to be damaged.

6. Frequent Cleaning laptop

The heat on the laptop is the main enemy of the battery. One cause of heat is the dust that is attached to the inside of the laptop. At least once a month, do a laptop cleaning from dust. Frequently to clean the laptop vents with special tools. And do not forget to also frequently clean the components in it from the dust. Do not forget to replace the thermal paste on the processor if it dries to reduce the risk of your laptop so quickly heat.

7.Avoid batteries from harmful objects.

Avoid batteries from the water and also the hot sun that can make your battery more quickly damaged. Therefore, put the laptop or suppose the battery is being removed, in a good place. Stop the habit of putting a laptop on a soft surface that makes the laptop hotter faster when used.

8.Use the Software Help

Most modern laptops have a battery saver mode or Eco that allows hardware to work as little as possible as needed. This feature also simultaneously controls the use of the battery itself. Some provide manual options for users to turn off unnecessary devices, adjust screen brightness and turn off unneeded apps.

9. Turn off unnecessary devices

As with any smartphone gadget, the easiest way to reduce power consumption is to disable unnecessary devices. Every component in the laptop requires power, but not necessarily you will use it. Then start off unneeded power like WiFi, Bluetooth, dedicated graphics, even optical drives if unused.

It's easy to actually make the laptop battery last longer and longer. This is generally true unless you get a defective product. Hope it can be useful when you try it. And hopefully no need to buy a battery until you decide to replace your laptop with a new one.

Title : Want a Longer-lasting and Longevity Laptop Battery? Do these 9 tips.

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