Understanding Calcium More Deeply

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Understanding Calcium More Deeply

If talking about the nutrients the body needs, then one of the nutrients that have a dominant enough influence is calcium. But unfortunately, most people are not deep enough to understand the meaning of calcium itself, so less concerned with whether or not the need for calcium in itself.

Calcium is included in the class of microelements, in addition to calcium, there are other microelements needed by the body ie minerals, vitamins, enzymes, and fiber. If the body does not get enough intake of these microelements, then you will immediately feel the negative impact and negative impact is not only felt for a while, can be many years. And the most dangerous is that will appear a variety of symptoms of the disease that previously did not exist. So you have to make sure the above microelements are met,

Understanding calcium outline

Once you understand the glimpse of calcium, now let's discuss calcium understanding more deeply. In the human body, calcium is contained in 99% of the hard tissues of the body, for example in teeth and bones, and 1% of the residual calcium is present in the circulation of the blood tissue. Calcium is needed by the body to support human health and life, for example, to perform metabolism, heartbeat, nerve transmission, assist energy formation, muscle contraction, assist the process of pregnancy (fertilization), activate the body's antibody system, accelerate clotting and still many again another benefit. Someone who has reached the age of 20 years and above, his body will begin to feel the lack of calcium substances with the amount of 1% per year. After the age of a person reaches 50 years, the portion of the calcium content in the body can shrink to 30% and even lose up to 50% when it reaches the age of 70 years, then afterward the body will continue to experience problems of calcium deficiency. So it is advisable to meet the body's need for calcium since youth so that in old age will not experience serious calcium deficiency problems.

Signs of the body lack calcium

If your body has calcium deficiency problems, you will experience some of the following symptoms: sweating, lethargic body, shortness of breath, anxiety, lack of appetite, decreased immunity, constipation, insomnia, defecation, cramps and more again other negative symptoms. If these symptoms have started to feel, you should immediately to consume foods and beverages that contain lots of calcium or consume quality calcium supplements that have been proven.

Title : Understanding Calcium More Deeply

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