Troubleshooting Meta Description Enhancements in Search Console

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Troubleshooting Meta Description Enhancements in Search Console

From now on I say, do not be careless in making the title in the article, why? Of course to avoid issues related to SEO.

SEO again, SEO again ... It will never run out for discussion ...

One of the SEO issues we will discuss this time is about Search Console, the HTML Improvement chapter, the Meta Description section.

The meta description is a meta on the web that is usually located in the head, the shape is more or less like this:

<meta expr: content = '....' name = 'description' />

This description meta is quite important for SEO, which can be a substitute snippet in search results. We should be able to place keywords in this meta as much and as dense as possible so that the article easily enter page one, with the notation of keyword arrangement should be more natural look so as not to see SPAM.

Almost in all 2016 output templates and above, the meta description is dynamic, contained by the blog description (if on the homepage), and contains the title of the article (when in a post).

In the HTML refinement chapter in Search Console, you'll see 3 types of meta description issues, including:

  1. Duplicate meta descriptions
  2. Meta length description
  3. A short description of meta

The three problems above should be overcome because related to SEO. Well, this time Jarwo Code wants to create an article about how to solve the above three meta description problem. Let's listen.

How to Troubleshoot HTML Enhancements: Meta Description in Search Console

Each meta description problem has its own meaning and way. So the tutorial I divide into three, I will start from duplication first.

1. Duplicate Meta Description

As the name implies, the meta description duplication means there is a meta description on a page of your same blog or duplicated with other pages. Usually, this happens because you have made 2 pieces of pages titled the same. In addition, there are several other factors that cause duplicate meta descriptions, namely:

  • Still using Blogspot subdomain
  • Forgot setting meta description
  • Never create 2 or more pages with the same title

The solution is easy, you just need to reverse the three points above to be:

  • Using TLD domains & create new properties in Webmaster
  • Set meta description in Blogger Settings or Edit HTML
  • Remove any page with the same title

Done. I'm sure almost 100% of your problems will be solved. Usually, this problem is experienced by the user subdomain Blogspot, so immediately change to TLD.

2. Meta Long Description

Meta long description means your meta description is too long in content. The description is strongly recommended not too long because it will make the appearance in SERP to be ugly and truncated. There are several factors that cause, among others:

  • The article title on your blog is too long
  • Your blog description is too long

Do not create a title that is too long, because usually the template automatically set the title of the article into a meta description. Titles that fit are not cropped in search results, It usually consists of 60-70 words in a sentence. If more than that, it is usually cut into dots (...).

3. Meta Short Description

Contrary to long meta descriptions, a short meta description means your article description is too short. Factors causing this problem include:

  • The article title is too short
  • The blog description is too short

The fix is also the opposite of the long meta description, which adds words and sentences in the title of your blog article to range between 60-70 words.

Honestly, until now I sometimes still exposed to one of the three problems meta description above, because I'm still a little careless in paying attention to the title of the article. In fact, the title of the article has a very vital role in the article, which is one of the factors causing articles can go to page one and rank one.

Title : Troubleshooting Meta Description Enhancements in Search Console

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