Tips on Choosing a Qualified Cheap Android Smartphone

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Tips on Choosing a Qualified Cheap Android Smartphone
You must be, lost in advertising made by smartphone vendors who seem to enter your expectations. After the product is purchased, you are disappointed because almost all the advertised vendors are marketing hyperbole. Well, this time we want to try to add tips on Choosing a Smartphone Smartphone but Qualified maybe some of them have you ever read in other media portal gadget.

Understand SoC Segmentation

Like a car or motorcycle, the SoC, which is the main brain of an Android Smartphone, is classified into several segments. Let's say Low, Medium and High. Well, of course from each of these cases, there are limitations of performance and features that will not violate each other. If violated, the vendor itself will receive ill-fated fate of some of their products that will hit the price.

Especially if the product is a reputable brand, the thinner your expectations get the smartphone with sophisticated specifications. But if you have already favored a certain brand, you should measure your needs smartphone for first. If your needs are full of multitasking, consider looking for a smartphone with more than 1GB of RAM.

Generally, with funds between 800 thousand to under 2 million, you are still faced with low-end caste smartphone. Some are offering mid-range specifications but generally are in condition with a quality reduction on some sides, build quality usually. Suppose the Qualcomm, the easiest to see from their front code SoC. Example Snapdragon 4xx for low end, 6xx for mid-range and 8xx for a high end.

After Sales Support

It is no less important is after sales support. Not just the quality and quantity of the service center in this regard. But also the development to fix bugs that appear also updates Operating System, update the Android version of course. Because it must be very annoying when the smartphone that we use have problems due to bugs, or there is a compatibility problem with the application or even certain accessories.

Not estimate local smartphone Smartphone, but this local producer-only does re-brand from vendors from China. Because some buy a break, or at a price that does not include support, be a user who has to get a new software. For that, do not rush the glare to high specification without considering the clarity of software upgrades in the future. Unless you are a Linux programming expert.


Today almost all consumer product lines have an independently incorporated community. Both in social media, as well as their own forums. Good producers are manufacturers that facilitate the continuity of user groups of their products. Because indirectly, can reduce the burden of customer service division and customer support. Because oftentimes, answers to emerging problems come first from members who are members of this user community.

So, it is very necessary you search and join the community of users to get information about the product. Especially tips and know-how to maximize your android smartphone products that you use.

Design & Material

Smartphones with specifications exceed the average price of its segmentation, it seems to be common nowadays. However, if there are manufacturers who are able to offer products with high specifications plus better design and quality of materials, that is rare. And even if there is, certainly come from a less popular brand. Smartphones with aluminum metal materials always have a premium impression than plastic. If any of your options offer metal material, we recommend selecting the product. But remember, pay attention to the specifications as well yes.

Currently, the gadget manufacturers from the country of bamboo curtain who used to only play on the featured phone have started to offer the android smartphone. They are certainly profitable because it has never done branding.


Smartphones with lots of accessories are definitely very profitable. By using accessories, the display can always be fresh. So the temptation to change our android smartphone with newer products so much less. Especially if the smartphone we plan to use a rather old. Also with the many choices of accessories, our smartphones so more awake physical condition because it is always protected.

Title : Tips on Choosing a Qualified Cheap Android Smartphone

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