The scariest Weird Medical Disorder From Past

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scariest Weird Medical

The scariest Weird Medical Disorder From Past, Not all men are born on Earth by having a normal physical organ. There are some people who are less fortunate suffer medical disorder that caused her less than perfect. Humans who suffer from medical disorder does not only happen in the time now but has been around since of yore. It is visible from some old photographs which serve an abnormality with a strange medical condition like some pictures below. Other than the weird medical abnormalities are also looks very horrible. Just curious how his review? The following information.

Proteus Syndrome, A Disorder Of The Elephant Man
Proteus Syndrome

Proteus syndrome is a strange disorder that attacks the human growth. Patients experiencing the abnormality in the growth of bones, skin, head and a variety of other symptoms when compared to normal human growth. The disorder was first identified by the expert Michael Cohen in 1979. In 1983 the disorder later named Proteus Syndrome by surgeon-Germany, Hans-Rudolf Wiedemann. These strange syndrome symptoms were derived from the growth of the body part that is unusual and irregular. Abnormal growth of body parts usually does not occur in all parts of the body.

Cyclopia, An Abnormality Strange One-eyed Baby

Strange abnormalities called cyclopia or cyclocephaly this is a birth defect in the baby that caused the two eyeballs converge. Babies suffering from this weird disease cannot survive more than a few hours. In the history of recorded the longest baby could survive the disease is only two hours away. This happens because in all cases, other than the eyes, limbs other babies also can not thrive. The strange and rare incident was last recorded in India in the year 2006. By that time the baby died shortly after birth. Maybe in the past, it often happens a case such as this, but due to the limitations of science, most of these babies are considered to be Satan's Antichrist in mythology.

The Giant Man, Giant Man
The Giant Man

The picture above is the skeleton of John Aasen who lived circa 1890 until 1938. With height 214 cm, John looks like a giant human. Thanks to her, John, who works in the circus became a prima donna in the world is a freak show. Not only in the world of the circus, with the John, have abnormalities has also starred in several Hollywood films. Up to now, the John Aasen was recorded as the highest in the history of a film actor. Born from mother who also bodied giant, John Aasen spent his childhood with sedentary living quarters before finally died in 1938 due to pneumonia. Because it has a unique disorder, the corpse of John then preserved for studied by doctors at Missouri job before finally sent to a hospital in California before on display at Loma Linda University.

Man With Double Organ
Man With Double Organ

Is almost similar to John Aasen, a woman named Blanche Dumas also became a circus because of the strange disorder Prima Donna. Women who also work as commercial sex workers has three legs, four breasts, genitals and two all of which function normally. And uniquely French woman again, the birth year of 1860 has a romance with a man named Juan Baptista dos Santos who also has three legs and two penises. Their relationship began because Juan originating from Portugal heard fame, Blanche. To be able to meet with such unique woman, Juan wanders along the Group desperately until they arrived in France and met his idols.

Cutaneous Horn, Horned Man
Cutaneous Horn

The picture above is a photograph of a statue of wax a patient known as Widow Sunday or Madame Dimanche which have a 25-cm right horn on his forehead. The Horn like that at least takes about 6 years to be developed. And Interestingly, although at that time medical science is not yet as advanced as it is now, the Horn Madame Dimanche successfully removed with an operation by doctors in France. The case of the horned man like that seems not only override the Madame Dimanche, a case of this sort ever happened to override some of the people in the world, full information can open up our articles entitled "Human Oddities has The Horn on his body ".

Neurofibromatosis, Tumors With Strange Pain Symptoms

The strange disease like the picture above is a disease called neurofibromatosis or commonly also called Von Recklinghausen's Disease, a genetic disorder that causes a knot of nerves in the body grows into tumors. And this strange disease more ferocious potentially can be handed down to children. If the percentage is calculated could probably reach 50%. This genetic disorder itself is divided into three types, i.e. type 1, type 2, schwannomatosis and. Sufferers of this disorder as a child will have trouble learning and behavior problems. From the results of research recorded about 60% of sufferers of neurofibromatosis difficulties following the lessons in the school. For patients with the disorder neurofibromatosis type 1 and 2 only experience symptoms of pain which belongs to light, but for patients with type 3 with pain that left her very unusual. The only recommended treatment for this disorder is by way of chemotherapy.

Ok, that's The scariest Weird Medical Disorder From Past, thanks for reading don't forget to share and comment below. Read too: 10 The Best Themed Movies About World War 2.

Title : The scariest Weird Medical Disorder From Past

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