The Origin of Indonesian Ancestors and Its Spreading

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The origin of the Indonesian ancestors is one of the unique parts that can not be released from our presence in this archipelago. We, as virtuous human beings, should not forget the history from which the origins and causes arise until we are here in Indonesia. Ancestors who are the embryo of our existence today we must certainly recognize, though only from just knowledge. Well, here we have thoroughly discussed the distribution of the origin of the ancestors of the Indonesian nation based on the strongest opinion of the historians who have done extensive research to uncover this great secret. Please be listened.

The origin of the ancestors of the Indonesian nation inthe archipelago based on the distribution map according to the experts divided into 2 proto-Malay and Malay distro.  Let's see the full review here.

The Origin of Ancestors of the Indonesian Nation

Many opinions are emerging related to where the true origin of the ancestors of Indonesia. The historians exchanged their arguments along with the justification of their allegations. Despite these many opinions, there is one opinion that seems to have the strongest hill and rationale. And the opinion is felt by a Dutch historian, Von Heine Geldern.

Massive Migration to Austronesian

Based on his research Von Heine Geldern argued if the origin of the Indonesian ancestors came from Central Asia. He explained that from 2,000 BC to 500 BC (from the Neolithic Stone Age to the Bronze Age) there has been a migration of ancient populations from the Yunan region (South China) to areas in southern Asia including the Indonesian archipelago. This large-scale displacement is thought to be due to a major natural disaster or war between nations.

This southern Asian archipelago by Geldern is named Austronesia which means south island (Austro = South, Nesos = Island). Austronesians cover a very large area, covering the islands of Malagasy or Madagascar (south) to Easter Island (east), and from Taiwan (north) to New Zealand (the South).

Von Heine Geldern's opinion is motivated by the discovery of much ancient human equipment of the past in the form of square-shaped stone pickaxes throughout Indonesia including Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi. This ancient human equipment is exactly the same as ancient human equipment in other Asian regions such as Myanmar, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Cambodia, especially around the Yunan region.

Von Heine Geldern's opinion is also supported by Dr. H. Kern in 1899 which discussed 113 local languages in Indonesia. From that research, Dr. H. Kern concludes that in all languages the area originally originated from a single language family, a language family called Austronesian.

The migration of early humans from the mainland of Yunan according to Geldern not only happened once. He called the wave of migration occurred also in the year 400 - 300 BC (Bronze age). The migratory ancestors brought Bronze culture forms such as the shoe ax and the nekara derived from the plains of Dong Son.

Cross the Ocean With a Boat

Once known if the origin of ancestors of the Indonesian nation is from the land of Yunan, now is the time to discuss how our ancestors had arrived in the Indonesian archipelago.

the origin of the ancestors of the Indonesian nation according to experts
Yes, based on historical evidence, it is known that to cross the oceans from mainland Southeast Asia such as Malaysia and surrounding areas, our ancestors used the means of transportation in the form of outrigger canoes. The rugged boat itself is per year which has a wooden stalk on both sides as a counterweight. For the illustration of the boat itself, you can see in the picture below.

By capitalizing the rugged canoe, our ancestors sailed the vast ocean to reach the Indonesian archipelago and other islands of Austronesia. They sail in groups fearlessly with storms and waves that can come at any time. This certainly proves if the ancestors of the Indonesian nation are brave and are sailor-souled seamen. And with the journey full of obstacles that, ultimately our ancestors come to several islands in Indonesia. They also directly obtained the title of Malay Indonesia.

The distribution of Malay Indonesians

The name of Indonesian Malay for Austronesians is generally applicable to all of those living in the archipelago. However, based on arrival time, as well as the area that was first occupied by the Malay Indonesia Indonesia can be distinguished into 3 sub-nation, among others proto Melayu, distro Melayu, and primitive nation. Here's an explanation of each sub-nation:

1. Proto Malays (Malay Old)

Proto Malay or Old Malay are the ancestors of the Indonesian nation who were the first Austronesians to come to the archipelago in the first wave (ca. 1500 BC). Malay Porto nations enter Indonesian territory through two routes, namely (1) West Line through Malaysia-Sumatra and (2) North or East Line through Philippine-Sulawesi. Old Malay nation is considered to have a more advanced culture than early humans generally at that time. This is evidenced by the discovery of evidence that Neolithic culture has prevailed with almost all their equipment made of mashed stones.

The result of the Neolithic culture of the famous Austronesians is the square-ax. The square ax is found in many parts of West Indonesia which include Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, and Bali, and North Sulawesi. And keep in mind that the tribes of Indonesia today who are descendants of Proto Malays is Dayak and Toraja tribe.

2. The Deutero Malay (Malay)

The Deutro Malay nation or the young Malay nation is the ancestor of the Indonesian nation which is the Austronesian people who came to the archipelago on the second wave of arrival, ie in the period 400-300 BC. Malay young nation (Deutero Melayu) managed to do the assimilation with its predecessor who is none other than the old Malay (proto Melayu).

Based on the historical evidence found, it is known that the Deutero Malay people enter the archipelago through the West, where the route they take from Yunan (Gulf Tonkin), Vietnam, Malaysia, until finally arrived in the archipelago. Old Malay people are also considered to have a culture that is much more advanced than its predecessor, the Proto Malays. They have succeeded in making bronze and iron items, some of which include ax serpent, axes funnel, and nekara, and menhirs, dolmen, sarcophagus, stone grave, and punden staircase. The tribe of Indonesia at this time who belongs to the young Malay is the tribe of Java, Malay, and Bugis.

3. Primitive Nations

In fact, before the Austronesian people entered the archipelago, there were already some groups of early humans who had occupied more of the area. They are primitive nations with a very simple culture. They include the humans pleistosin, we did tribe, and tribal negroid.

  1. Human Pleistosin; Ancient human life is always moving places with a very limited ability. Likewise with a culture so that the lifestyle of this ancient human cannot be followed again, except for some aspects only.
  2. The tribe of Wedoid; The remains of the Wedoid tribe still exist and we can find. They live together and collect food from forest products and have a very simple culture. The Sakai tribe in Siak and Kubu tribes on the border of Jambi and Palembang are two examples of the remains of the Wedoid Tribe today.
  3. Negroid tribe; In Indonesia, there is no longer the remains of the tribe of a negroid tribe. However, in the interior of Malaysia and the Philippines, the descendants of this tribe seem to still exist Semang Tribe in Peninsular Malaysia and the Negrito tribe in the Philippines is the real proof.

Well, that's an article about the origin of Indonesian ancestors that we managed to summarize from several sources. In conclusion, we have taken important points from this discussion which include:

  1. The origin of the Indonesian ancestors is a nation from the mainland of Yunan in South China.
  2. The ancestors of the Indonesian nation and the ancestors of other nations in southern Asia came from a single source, the Austronesians.
  3. The arrival of the Indonesian ancestors from the mainland of Yuan is divided into 2 waves, the first wave or proto Melayu coming in the age of old stone (Neolithic) and the second wave or Deutro Melayu that came in the bronze age.
  4. There were several groups of people who had occupied Indonesian territory long before the arrival of the Austronesians. Some of these nations include the Pleistosin Man, the Wedoid Tribe, and the Negroid Tribe. The three tribes are also part of the origin of the Indonesian ancestors who cannot be set aside.

Title : The Origin of Indonesian Ancestors and Its Spreading

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