Pure and Applied Art: Understanding and Examples

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What is pure and applied art? Pure art is a fine art that focuses only on aesthetic values, such as paintings, sculptures, or display items. While the applied art is the art that in addition to focusing his work on aesthetic values also pay attention to practical values in the use of artwork in everyday life.

In this article, we will discuss the differences between pure and applied art along with some examples and drawings of the works of these two fine arts in both 2 dimensional and 3-dimensional form. Please be listened!

Pure and Applied Art Understanding and Examples

The fundamental difference that exists between pure and applied works of art lies in how the work is used.

1. Understanding Pure Fine Arts

The work of pure art is a truly pure work as a glamor and enhancer of the sense of joy. Its use is only limited to display as a charm of human interest. Some examples of pure applied art include painting, sculpture, relief, and calligraphy.

a. Paint

Paintings from various streams of art have the same function. They are made just as a display to beautify the contents of a room. Apart from that, this one artwork cannot be functioned for other more useful things. This is one example of modern art that we find most often.

b. Statue

Just like painting, the statue can only be utilized its aesthetic value only. Sometimes it is useful as a characteristic of an area or place. However, this user does not make him classified as an example of applied art because its aesthetic value is greater than its practical value.

c. Relief

In the old temples or buildings, we often encounter sculptures with certain patterns. These sculptures are called reliefs. Relief is an example of a 2-dimensional pure visual art. Usefulness is nothing but a mere decorator.

d. Calligraphy

Calligraphy is an art of Islamic historical heritage in Indonesia. We can find these artworks in places of worship, scriptures, or Islamic nuances. Just like other examples of pure art, calligraphy can also be used only aesthetically.

2. Applied Art

Another case with pure art, applied art in addition to focusing on the values of beauty (aesthetics) also really pay attention to the practical value or usefulness of a work in support needs of human life. This art flows and integrates into the things that human needs in their daily life. As for some examples of applied art such as home, decoration, fashion, and art craft.

a. Home or Building

The art of architecture has managed to integrate the human need for a safe and durable dwelling with the values of art and beauty. We can see how a house is designed with a very sturdy and comfortable to live in. This is one of the easiest examples of applied visual art.

b. Decor

In any event, decorating the room plays an important role in the sustainability of an event. Decorations are designed with the aesthetic values as well as supporting the way the event can take place well.

c. Clothing

Batik and woven fabrics are a testament to the work of applied art that we can encounter day-to-day. Clothing that we wear other than made as comfortable as possible also made as beautiful as possible so that our appearance that wearing it seem more interesting.

d. Kriya Art

Examples of later applied art can be found in craft or handicraft. Woven bamboo, metal cookware, pottery, and stone, or leather-made shoes and bags are proof that art has blended into our daily lives.

Well, so is the understanding of pure and applied art with examples of his work that we can meet every day. Hope can add insight art for us all. Regards.

Title : Pure and Applied Art: Understanding and Examples

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