Medical Oddities Conditions That Ever Happened In The World

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Medical Oddities Conditions

Medical Oddities Conditions That Ever Happened In The World. In this world, there are so many terms about medical conditions, ranging from the mundane to the bizarre medical condition and scanty. Specific to the medical condition that oddities in the world may not have a lot of friends who thought if this medical condition really exists. To add to the knowledge of all our friends the following auto-summary some of the information, may be useful.

Apotemnophilia, The Desire For Amputation Of A Body Part

Apotemnophilia is a condition in which the sufferer has always felt a part of his body is in trouble and you want to cut it, although the parts of the body are essentially fine. The medical condition is known as Body Integrity Identity Disorder (BIID) this can be said to occur because a map against the body image in their brain is gone completely, thus making the sufferer is always uncomfortable with parts of the body and keen to amputate it. This bizarre medical conditions usually occur in children who have always been persecuted or less got affection from her parents. So with the amputees, they feel as if they will be loved and treated better. They also do it for a sense of relief and satisfaction with their own limbs cut off. So far there are only about 200 known cases in the world, but there has been no specific remedy to recover this strange disease sufferer.

Pica, A Disorder Cravings To Eat Strange Objects

The next bizarre medical condition is pica. Sufferers of pica are almost similar to those cravings, but the difference is the food they want is not a haphazard meal. These strange disorder sufferers have compulsions that are not bearable to eat objects that should not be eaten. The disease has many subcategories, there is a peculiar to dangerous, such as eating dirt, lime, glass, paint, mucus, body parts, hair, urine, wood, and much more.

CIPA, A Medical Condition That Does Not Feel Pain

There may be friends of all who ever thought if they just could not feel pain. But if the pain was actually very useful. That is because the pain is a natural physical response that can save us from harm. There are a few medical cases happened sufferer can't feel pain. Rare medical conditions in medicine known as Congenital Insensitivity to Pain with Anhidrosis (CIPA) often times make the sufferer died early due to injuries that they couldn't have tasted. For example, just at the time their baby's usual biting the tip of his tongue, broke his bones without crying, and even damage the cornea due to unknowingly or feel the germs or sharp objects coming into the area. How are friends still want to feel no pain?

Argyria, Blue-Colored Skin Disorder

Ever watch the movie Avatar that his body is blue? It turns out that in the real world there is a medical disorder that causes the body is colored like the characters in the film. A medical disorder called argyria or argyrosis this causes bluish colored flesh. This rare disease ever suffered by a United States politician named Stan Jones. As it turned out, this was because he had to use colloidal silver. In the year 2007, a Skin Disorder similar Blue case has also exposed again by the emergence of Paul Karason, a producer who was all over his skin suddenly turn blue because consuming colloidal silver which he made himself. Colloidal Silver is an herb that was first discovered in 1938. The herb can be made is believed to cure all kinds of diseases.

Aquagenic Urticaria, Allergic Disorders The Water
Aquagenic Urticaria

From the name maybe we can already guess if aquagenic urticaria is a medical disorder that is associated with water. This makes the medical disorder sufferer is experiencing allergies if come into contact with water. And if exposed to water then the skin of sufferers will experience itching and pain greatly. Therefore, those who have a medical condition will not be able to do the activities that come into contact with water such as swimming or even bathing. According to a study that was recorded in a journal entitled the Annals of Dermatology, the allergy-this extreme case occurred on at least 100 people.

Foreign Accent Syndrome, Other Disorders Are Fluent After Comma
Foreign Accent Syndrome

Definitely never read or heard the news about the new person who wakes up from a coma suddenly can speak foreign. This rare medical condition called Foreign Accent Syndrome which is normally associated with stroke or head trauma. This bizarre cases ever reported occurring first in the year 1907. And in the period of 1940 to 2009 recorded 62 cases of the syndrome had ever happened in the world. For example, people who speak in Croatia, suddenly wake up after the comma so fluent in Germany. This strange syndrome has yet to be scientifically explained why it could happen.

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Title : Medical Oddities Conditions That Ever Happened In The World

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