How to Use and Disable GoogleWebLight On A Web

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How to Use and Disable GoogleWebLight On A Web
Who does not know GoogleWebLight? Yes, GoogleWebLight or abbreviated GWL is a service from Google to transcode a web so it's faster to open.

Sometimes, when you're skating on Google, suddenly the web page you want to open is even diverted and opened via GWL. This can happen due to several causes, such as:

  1. Your network or connection is slow (maybe 2G or 3G, if 4G is possible)
  2. The connections around you are slow (although your connection is fast)
  3. Use mobile data
  4. Your country is included in a slow internet connection compared to others (including Indonesia)
  5. The web that you want to open it is very heavy
  6. and others...

Indeed, using GoogleWebLight web will load and loading much faster, even Google itself says 4x faster than usual.

Well, for those of you who connect slow but still want to muter-muter on Google, you can use this feature of Google's GWL. Here's how to open a blog or web using GoogleWebLight.

How To Open A Blog or Web Using GoogleWebLight

First, first save the blog or web URL link you want to open. Example like this:

Then, use the following link to open the web you want to open earlier: [URL_Web_what_would be open]

Replace [URL_Web_you_open] with the URL link that you have saved earlier, so that more or less the shape becomes like this:

Then open the link above. Done, enjoy the fast internet play with GWL.

As for those of you who just want to make non-active GoogleWebLight, please follow the following guidelines:

How to Disable / Disable GoogleWebLight

1. Use the original view feature available

When you open a web and it turns to GWL, look at the header, more precisely again under the name of the blog or the web. There is the word "View original", press the link. Then you will automatically be redirected to the original web. But this way does not last long because it could be later if your connection decreases, it will be diverted again.

2. Use Wifi network - Do not cellular data

This second way I think the most powerful because I've proven it myself. For 2 years I surfed with wifi, I never see again GoogleWebLight when opening the internet.

This is because Google knows, that users who use Wifi are certainly the network and connections quickly ...

... whereas what. My wifi sometimes likes slow.

3. Using VPN

The last way you can use is to use a VPN. As we know, in addition to checking the fast speed of connection, Google also determines whether to be given GWL or not by using the user's home country.

In other words, if our country is included in Google data that is considered "State with slow connection", then GWL will often appear.

That means, if you use a VPN with a state that is classified as a smooth connection, then you have minimized the emergence of GWL ...

How? Easy is not it? In addition to the web being much faster to open, using GWL can also save your quota, as javascript-javascript web default will be disabled.

Title : How to Use and Disable GoogleWebLight On A Web

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