How to treat nasal congestion

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nasal congestion

Nasal congestion is very troubling when we act like working, studying, cooking, washing and more. Often we insomnia due to nasal congestion, but the fix is easy bro. Well here is how to cure nasal congestion quickly and easily.

The cause of the nasal congestion
The cause of the nasal congestion is due to nerves on the respiratory compromised usually because of body temperature or mucus in the respiratory tract between the nose with the esophagus. This usually happens because the body is less healthy, a shower of rain, fever and more.

How To Resolve
How to deal with it is to preserve the health of the body, eating fruits and vegetables, reduces the activity of swimming and the like. If you've done everything thy nose is definitely not going to experience it.

How To Treat
If you've got a blocked nose then the way to treat it is with:
1. Inhaling the aromatic Medicine
You can buy such a flavorful inhaler drug in drug stores to cope with a stuffy nose, breathe in when you feel stuffy nose do regularly for maximum healing.

2. Inhale the fragrance of the ginger plant in a stew
Prepare ginger then poached with ginger 1:2 water by measure, or 1:3. Then cook with medium fire stoves meter indicates, inhale steam is coming out (not too close). Turn off the stove if the water is already boiling after that very water can drinking in ginger (at a temperature warm) could also be in the mix with sugar if not stand the taste of ginger.

3. Soak up the morning sun
To warm the body you can also sunbathe so that her body was warm and stuffy nose does not draw near to thee, usually very in the point basking in the rays of the morning sun at 6-8.

nasal congestion is indeed very disturbing we breathe, but there are many ways that we can do to address and treat it. So from that visit, this blog continues to get other information is just as good.

Well, that's the content of the article, which is about how to treat nasal congestion. So this article may help you guys that are clogged nose, don't forget to share and comment below after reading this article.

Title : How to treat nasal congestion

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