How to Overcome Make Fewer HTTP Requests on GTmetrix YSlow

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How to Overcome Make Fewer HTTP Requests on GTmetrix YSlow
In contrast to PageSpeed Insights, GTmetrix has a lot of suggestions to speed up blog loading, one of Gtmetrix's suggestions that PageSpeed Insights does not have is Make Fewer HTTP Requests. In this article, I will discuss how to overcome Make Fewer HTTPS Request, both for bloggers and other platforms.

What is Make Fewer HTTP Requests?

Make Fewer HTTP Requests. In other words, we are advised to reduce outbound requests (such as external scripts being hosted out).

This issue has High priority in GTmetrix, so make no mistake if your score becomes ugly when there is a lot of HTTP requests. Now, let's move on to how to solve it.

How to Overcome Make Fewer HTTP Requests

For example like this, Jarwo Code blog has 4 Javascript, call it Script A, B, C, and D. Because of its large size, then I am hosting all the script earlier in Github.

The browser must request the four scripts with different links, so it takes more time than the Github server response. This is what GTmetrix YSlow means, you are advised to combine the above four Javascript into 1 large file, then hosted.

Until here you have to understand what I mean.

Now, check all the scripts on your blog that are hosted outside. Open the one-by-one script and paste it into notepad, so it becomes shaped like this:

// Script 1 

// Script 2 

// Script 3 

// Script4 
And so on ...

Optional: You can split the script from one script to another using comment, for example as above: // Script 1, // Script 2. Remember, use a double slash mark to use comment.

Then, save the script earlier according to the type, when type Javascript than in the form. Js, when CSS then in the form. Css. Name it like "mycode.js".

Save it and then host the free mycode.js script on the sites of a good free hosting provider, such as Github and Yourjavascript. Do not host home to another place, because the server vulnerable to occur so that the script becomes not working even can be lost. Oh yes, do not forget after hosting it, enter the script into the blog and delete the previous scripts.

Done, actually, this way is quite easy to do so loading your blog to be fast. However, some people are lazy to do so because very hard if you must open one-by-one. In fact, little things like this when underestimated will have a big enough impact on SEO. 

Title : How to Overcome Make Fewer HTTP Requests on GTmetrix YSlow

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