How to Delete Windows.old folder After Upgrade Windows 10

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How to Delete Windows.old folder After Upgrade Windows 10
Fever upgraded to windows 10 was warm-up the last few days. Actually, this also happens on windows-windows before. But what we will share this time is, how to delete Windows.old folder created automatically after we successfully upgrade Windows 10 with the method "On The Fly Upgrade".

The contents of the Windows.old Folder

The Windows.old folder generally contains three (3) main folders present on your previous windows:
  • Windows
  • Documents and Settings
  • Program Files
Wndws.old Contents
If your previous windows are multi-user-based windows like windows 8, the number of folders will increase the user's folder of the data program (hidden). Also if your windows are 64-bit versions, there will be an additional program files folder (x64).

Benefits of Windows.old Folders

This folder is useful for you who at any time want to do the restore process back to your previous version of windows. Or if you just want to retrieve the files in the previous windows document folder. For quick access, on windows 10, you simply type this command at start search box:

% systemdrive% \ Windows.old

Is it safe to delete Windows.old Folder

Depending on how confident your new windows will be, how detailed are you to how to backup files on your Windows operating system. If you think you've made a backup of all your files, and it's okay for you to reinstall all the programs on windows before, deleting the Windows.old folder will not make your sleep restless again.

Deleted Automatically

Seeing that already, after the upgrade process is actually the system will automatically create "task" which will delete this folder automatically 4 weeks after the install process. But for some users, for example, who happens to have a device with limited C partition storage, how come I think the size of clay-size is big enough just for the need "just in case": D.

How to Delete Windows.old Folder

You can use two (2) ways to remove Windows.ini Folder.

2. Delete Windows.old Folder using Disk Cleanup
This is the official and easy way, which you can run directly by right-clicking the drive where the operating system is installed (generally C partition).

Select the system, so that the tool starts scanning system files that "may" can be deleted, including Previous Windows Installation. Well, you just check that section and click OK. There will be a warning that tells the result of deleting this file as we described above. Once again, if you are sure you just click OK.

1. Delete Windows.old Folder using Command Prompt
An alternative way, you can use the command prompt which is actually also simple and without warning. You just open the command prompt as an administrator. Remember, it should be an administrator. Search command prompt in the search bar, when it appears, right click and select "run as administrator". Then you type as follows:

takeown /FC:\Windows.old\* / R / A
press enter
System will scan all files in Windows.old folder. Continue by typing:
cacls C: \ Windows.old \ *. * / T / grant administrators: F
press enter. This point keeps all the files that have been accessed by you.
Finally, type this command
rmdir / S / QC: \ Windows.old \
Enter. The process of deleting the Windows.old folder will run to completion without further notice.

Title : How to Delete Windows.old folder After Upgrade Windows 10

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