How To Choose The Right Gaming Laptop

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How To Choose The Right Gaming Laptop
In recent months some well-known laptop vendors like MSI and ASUS have released several series of high-end gaming laptops. ASUS, for example, released the ASUS ROG GL502VLS  which became the first GTX10 gaming laptop series to be released in Indonesia. Then there is also MSI GS40 6QE which comes with complete features and a 14-inch screen.

The wide selection of gaming laptops makes the market more diverse. People who target gaming laptops usually do have special specifications, specifically designed to play heavyweight games. It's just that the price is relatively expensive. But if you really are a true gamer and do not mind spending big money to get the best gaming performance , why not?

Beyond the sort of things mentioned above, gaming laptops have many advantages that are not owned by PCs of the same category. This means there is a plus value owned by a gaming laptop. Some of them are effective and it's compact and easy to carry everywhere. In addition, the design is also simple, and you can use the laptop anywhere, whether it's in the cafe, campus, or school. Moreover, the variety of brands of gaming laptops available on the market make it easier for people to choose.

But the problem is how can someone choose the best amid invasions of various brands of gaming laptops that burst on the market? One thing is for sure, you do not need to be confused about the price. In a sense like this: You do not need to be fixated on the price of expensive gaming laptops because such laptops do not need to be very expensive.

which laptop is best before you decide which one is the best, here's how to choose the right gaming laptop:

1. Pay attention to the product warranty

One vendor with another must provide a different warranty. Warranty gaming laptops generally run for 1 year, although there is also a guarantee more than one year. The longer the warranty is given, the better. Choose a gaming laptop with a long warranty.

2. Note the capacity of RAM that is carried

Large RAM capacity will certainly facilitate all affairs related to the process of multitasking. Did you know that most games today require more RAM capacity? Therefore choose a gaming laptop that has a very large RAM capacity.

3. Pay attention to the role of the processor

Most people just pay attention to the brand VGA and whether a VGA is embedded in a nice laptop or not. You can buy a gaming laptop with the strongest VGA, but it will be useless if it is not matched with a good processor. The role of the processor obviously cannot be ignored considering many games today that take into account the ability of the processor. This means more and more cores/cores owned by the processor, the lighter image rendering process is done VGA.

4. Note the VGA chipset series

Memory size on VGA is obviously important, but should not make it as a major consideration in choosing a gaming laptop. Noteworthy is the VGA chipset series on a laptop, not the memory capacity. The newer a VGA chipset on the laptop, the more reliable it is in doing all kinds of tasks related to gaming.

5. Screen becomes another component to note

the best-laptop-gaming the screen becomes the next indicator to take into account. In this case, the screen size will determine the convenience when playing the game. A 14-inch screen may be enough to play the game, but if you want to get a richer gaming experience, then the screen with the size of 15-inch to 17-inch is more than enough. You might also consider a 4K gaming laptop that delivers a much sharper visualization than an HD display.

Title : How To Choose The Right Gaming Laptop

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