Healthy Foods for Pregnant Young Mothers

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Healthy Foods for Pregnant Young Mothers
Getting married, pregnant, and giving birth to a healthy child is the dream of almost every woman. All mothers would expect that the child they were born to grow up, be smart, perform well in school or in the community and always be healthy, but unfortunately few realize that the most basic foundation of children's health is built from 1-3 months pregnancy or better known as pregnant young. When young pregnant is when the formation of important organs for the fetus and this process affects the life of the child to old age. That is why many health practitioners are advising different types of healthy foods for young pregnant women and the additional nutrients they need.

Healthy Food Menu for Pregnant Young Mother

The first trimester is a tough time for most pregnant women because it often feels nausea and even vomiting, but pregnant women still have to pay attention to nutritional intake, even nausea vomiting is one indication of hormone imbalance that is often caused by lack of zinc and calcium intake. The food consumed should be arranged to fit the target and fit the stage of fetal growth. Here are some suggestions to complement the healthy diet for young pregnant women:

Folic Acid ( folic acid ), usually a healthy food substance for pregnant young mother is the most important so often given by obstetricians in the form of multivitamins. Folic acid can also be found in broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, carrots, corn, soybeans, oranges, guava, avocados.
A balanced diet, carbohydrates (rice, bread, potatoes), vegetables, fruits, vegetable protein (tofu, tempeh), and adequate calcium intake.

Healthy Diet for Young Pregnant Women

One simple way to process healthy food for young pregnant women is to wash thoroughly with vegetables, fruits, and other food items as one simple way to maintain the health of the fetus and mother alone because if not washed properly then the bacteria and germs that stick in foods can enter the mother's body and ultimately affect the pregnancy.

Some healthy food patterns for young pregnant women:
  • Try to keep the portion of vegetables and fruits more than the portion of carbohydrates. It would be better if the portion of carbohydrates is also filled with fruits such as bananas, apples, etc.
  • Eat in small portions but often, it is useful to reduce nausea.
  • It is recommended to eat five meals a day, namely breakfast, morning snacks, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner.
  • It is advisable to drink at least eight glasses of water each day, or it could be from a combination of juice and milk. Drink a little but often as often as possible to avoid flatulence.
  • Food Challenge for Young Pregnant Mother
A healthy diet for young pregnant women also includes some taboos, namely:

1. Raw or undercooked foods

It is important to avoid consuming raw or undercooked foods because it still allows the presence of bacteria and viruses that can affect the health of the mother and fetus. Try to keep all the food consumed by pregnant mother is fully matured.

2. Alcohol

It is prohibited to consume any drink containing alcohol including red wine because alcohol can poison the fetus.

3. Seafood

Seafood contains omega-3s that are good for the fetus. Unfortunately, marine pollution is getting worse today has poisoned seafood with mercury substances that can cause brain damage to the fetus. Also avoid sharks, king mackerel, crab, shrimp, and salmon.

4. Caffeine

Consumption of caffeine by pregnant women can cause babies born with less weight. Although there is now coffee that does not contain caffeine, it would be better if you avoid all types of coffee throughout pregnancy.

5. Processed Meats

Processed meats such as sausage, bacon, etc. have been shown to cause impaired liver, kidney, and heart function in people who consume them and can cause death quickly. Processed meat is not recommended for all people, both ordinary and pregnant women.

6. Herbal tea

Pregnant women are not encouraged to drink various types of tea, especially chamomile tea because of its binding substances in the body, both harmful substances, and juice of food needed by the fetus. Tea in ordinary people can lose weight because it works by absorbing and removing some of the food eaten. This can cause the fetus to lack nutritional intake because some of the food the mother eats is removed by the tea. For more details, please contact your obstetrician because the conditions and needs of every expectant mother are different.

7. Milk and cheese without pasteurization

Unsaturated or unpasteurized milk and cheese are not supposed to be concluded by pregnant women because there are many bacteria in the milk.

8. Artificial sweeteners

Although the side effects of artificial sweeteners on fetal growth are still not known for certain, there are many health practitioners who forbid pregnant women to consume them. Avoid foods and drinks high in sugar because it will cause the growth of the fetus becomes too fast. Drink plenty of water and fresh fruit juice.

Title : Healthy Foods for Pregnant Young Mothers

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