Deadly poison That turned out to be Beneficial for the Health

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Deadly poison That turned out to be Beneficial for the Health

"Deadly poison That turned out to be Beneficial for the Health"- Buddy generally, the poison is solid, liquid, or gas, that can disrupt the life process of the cells of an organism. It can be said the poison is a very dangerous substance that we should avoid. But behind its dangerous, it turns out there's also a poison that has positive benefits in the field of world health. From some of the latest research and advances in technology as it is today, many found compounds in the venom that can be used as a drug to fight the disease, such as cancer. But to make the poison as remedy, of course, go through the correct process of processing and if not could cause death. To add friends all insights, our auto-summary following several deadly poisons that turned out to be made into drugs. The following information.

Arsenic Poison As A Cure For Cancer And Chemotherapy

Arsenic Poison

The poison arsenic is one of the world's most dangerous toxins. Behind the danger, it turns out that these toxins can also be rewarding positive for the world of health. The toxins can be found in nature, and is now used as a remedy to repel plant pests, namely pesticides, deposits of building materials in the products atupun other industrial processes. If used to do evil, it can easily kill a human. But if it is used for the positive compounds in low doses can be used as a cure for cancer in particular cancer leukemia acute promyeloctic. In addition, these toxins can also be used as a remedy for chemotherapy is commonly referred to as antracyclines.

Floral Foxglove Poison As A Cure For Cancer

Floral Foxglove Poison

Other toxins which turns out to be used as a health remedy is the poison flower Foxglove. Floral Foxglove is a flowering plant that flowers are tube-shaped colored pink, purple, white and yellowish and there are spots in it. The plant is classified as very toxic it can cause people who consume it are experiencing low blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, easy depression, hallucinations, headache, vomiting, diarrhea, and can lead to worse death. But it turns out that behind the flower beracunnya, if processed correctly foxglove flowers can be a drug called digoxin. Digoxin can be used as a treatment of heart failure and to overcome the irregular heartbeat. In research that is still done, digoxin is known to be used as a cure for breast cancer and prostate cancer.

Snake Venom As Medicine Heart

Snake Venom As Medicine Heart

As we know, snake venom is highly toxic and can kill in a matter of seconds. One is the King Cobra snake venom which merpuakan one of the deadliest poisons in the world. Although it is very toxic, after further research, held by the American Museum of Natural History, it turns out there's some Snake toxins that can be used as medicine. For example only the toxin vipers can use blood thinning drugs, high blood pressure, heart failure, kidney problems and so on.

Yew Tree Poison A Cure For Cancer And Heart

Yew Tree Poison A Cure For Cancer And Heart

Yew tree is a tree that is frequently encountered in various forests in the European region. This tree is very dangerous because almost all its parts containing toxins. A poison tree is often used as an herb for the abortion, but most cases the abortion process causes the death of the mother and newborn baby. Behind the kengeriannya, it turns out that the content of certain ingredients in the Yew bark is very useful especially to stop the growth of certain cancers such as breast cancer and lung cancer. Not only that, the bark of the Yew wood is also able to reopen blocked blood flow in the body. It means that the toxins from this tree is very helpful for patients with heart disease. But of course of processing must be true, because if one could be led to death.

Ok thats Deadly poison That turned out to be Beneficial for the Health, thanks for reading dont forget to share and comment bellow. Read too: How to treat flu and fever with natural remedies.

Title : Deadly poison That turned out to be Beneficial for the Health

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