Collection of Windows 10 Tips That You Must Know

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Collection of Windows 10 Tips That You Must Know
However long we use windows, we often focus on using it just for work or play it. Without us knowing, many hidden features or special access-quick access that we can use to facilitate our work in it. Unfortunately, because it is too focused, we are not trying to dig deeper features or hidden shortcuts on every generation of windows. Well here, we share some collection of windows 10 tips that you may not know and really need.

01. Customize your Start menu

The first thing we see on Windows 10 is, of course, the change of start menu. Like Windows 8, the composition of live tile on the tile menu can we custom location, size also position. Or if you do not need a standard tile, you can tether your favorite applications by right-clicking the shortcut application and choosing pin to start.

02. Custom Apps MAIL

Especially the two applications Mail and Calendar, Microsoft makes it faster and responsive than we can find on windows 8. Also, Mail and Calendar version of Windows 10 brings many features and more friendly with your mouse.

Better yet, this Mail app adds options for your custom further to your liking. Not only replace the image in the preview panel with our image of choice, but we can also set how email appears when we do swipe gesture email.

To start this gesture feature, you can enter the gesture settings by clicking the icon cog the bottom left corner of the main window and choose Option.

03. Turn off File Explorer's Quick Access view

Shocked by the recent files that come up when opening explorer? This can be very embarrassing if your notebook is in use of others, especially when you last access the files that are not obscene :). This is because by default windows 10 activates Quick Access.

Now to stop this problem, we just need to disable Quick Access mode to "This PC" mode by opening File Explorer, and View> Options on the top Ribbon. Then select the option "This PC" option in the drop-down menu "Open File Explorer to".

04. Virtual desktops

Virtual desktop lets you customize applications in specific areas that you create on a Linux operating system. You can create multiple virtual desktops that you can customize their genre. the order of applications you are currently opening in a special area above the taskbar.

Just click the multi-windows icon in the taskbar or windows + tab and click + new desktop in the bottom left corner. After the new virtual desktop is created, you can move the application you want to the new virtual desktop by re-pressing multi windows icon. click and hold and drag the app you want to move to the new virtual desktop.

05. Schedule your restarts

This new feature is also very useful. If at any time you find system update requires the process of restarting the system, in windows 10 you can schedule the restart process to the time you want.

To do this, open the settings option on the start menu and go to the Update and Recovery> Windows Update menu. If there is a pending update, you will see it in the right panel, which you can set to allow the system to change the restart time. Amazingly, you can go to the advanced option that lets you ask windows to let you restart, even if the system has finished updating.

06. Secret, powerful new Command Prompt tools

Finally, the command prompt version of Windows 10 allows us to copy paste in it with a combination of Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V keys that we already know long ago.

But you need to enable this feature first because it is off by default. To activate it, open a command prompt. Right-click on the small bar above it, then select properties. In it, you can find and enable the new feature under the "Edit Options" section of the options tab.

07. Game Bar

The DVR Game functionality in Windows 10 is actually designed to record in-game moments, but it turns out this feature can also record activity on other applications (except OS-level apps like desktop or explorer files) running on the desktop for you to make videos.

To call this feature, press the Windows + G key combination. A notification will pop up and ask you if you really want to open the Game bar. Will manual a floating bar that contains some shortcut applications. Just select the Record round button to start recording video. Recorded results you can get in the Video folder> Captures.

08. GodMode

GodMode is very legendary, present again in Windows 10. In Windows 10, just create a new folder and name it as below:

GodMode. {ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

09. Solitaire returns!

Had discarded and we can only get if we download in Windows Store, finally this legendary game back in Windows 10. But with name and experience slightly different. Kinda hard to find it, but just use the search bar and type "solitaire".

10. SOS!

Now in Windows 10, if you are a novice user who often inadvertently damaged windows as well as certain apps, calm down. The help menu has been made faster accessible.

Just go to Contact Support on the All Apps menu. You will be directed to a community forum that suits your problem. And even then if you are reluctant to speak a foreign language with Microsoft support representative via online chat or phone.

Ok, so tips about Windows 10 this time, wait for tips and other windows 10 articles from us yes.

Title : Collection of Windows 10 Tips That You Must Know

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