Advantages And Disadvantages Of Complete Search Engine With Its Types

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Complete Search Engine With Its Types
You the Internet Marketer would already know what a Search Engine. This time I want to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of search engines complete with all sorts. Let's first discuss the meaning.

Understanding Search Engines

Search Engine or in the Indonesian language search engine is a useful program to store data that is on the internet. Search Engine serves to display data that has a match with the keyword. Suppose you search for the keyword "how to make donuts", then search engines will display all data related to "how to make donuts".

Search Engine itself there are so many spreads on the internet, one of the most famous in the world is Google. Not just Google, there are still many other search engines like Bing, Yahoo !, MSN, ASK, and others.

All the above search engines have the same function, which displays the data in accordance with the keywords entered. Google itself became the most famous SE because he was able to display the most accurate data and most complete among the other SE.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Complete Search Engine With Its Types

The advantages and disadvantages of search engines must also exist, even Google classmates there are also shortcomings and advantages. Let's start discussing from the most famous, ie Google ...


The advantages of Google

  1. The data presented is much more complete than other search engines
  2. The data provided is also more accurate with keywords written, alias more relevant
  3. The plain white yet elegant look - makes visitors feel at home
  4. Very easy navigation - perfect for the layman on the internet to access Google
  5. It has a very good and great algorithm
  6. There is rarely any information that smells of SPAM appears on the first page
  7. The data search process is very, very fast
  8. Not only in the form of search engines, Google also offers a web service that can facilitate the web developers for their sites can appear in search engines
  9. Crawling and Indexing is done regularly and regularly, so users will always be served the most recent and updated articles
  10. Has Localized Search feature, which displays data and information in accordance with the location of the user; for example you from Indonesia, then almost 100% according to what you search on Google will display the Indonesian language as well, not another language

Disadvantages of Google

  1. Sometimes still bring up articles that smell SPAM
  2. Algorithms can also be manipulated with PBN, so articles can go to page one
  3. Keyword crowded, crowded also ads that appear
  4. Not always a complete and good article can enter page one, must have basic SEO


The advantages of Yahoo!

  1. More minimalist look
  2. Have the most Email feature used by people
  3. The navigation menu is quite easy and there is a help menu for the layman
  4. The articles presented are also much more accurate than the other SE
  5. Access the latest news very easily
  6. The search feature is like a more complete filter

Disadvantages of Yahoo!

  1. Many ads are very flashy and annoying
  2. The algorithm is not as advanced as Google
  3. Index process long enough
  4. The search process is not too fast - not as fast as the other SE
  5. Many are smelling of SPAM


The advantages of Bing

  1. The index is fairly complete
  2. Can open some sites that are blocked by filters
  3. The search results are quite a lot
  4. The display is dominant in white but flat
  5. Easy search filter
  6. The menu on the search is very friendly and complete
  7. Free from ads
  8. It has an instant answer feature

Disadvantages of Bing

  1. Inadequate features
  2. Less desirable for internet users
  3. The search process is slow
  4. Weight - not suitable for those of you whose internet connection is slow
  5. Navigation is less friendly for people who still lay

The advantages of Yandex

  1. Index and search results in quite a lot
  2. Many in demand by Europeans and especially parts of Russia
  3. Magz-shaped look, perfect for those of you who like to read news
  4. Complete navigation
  5. Data from each site of complete search results

Disadvantages of Yandex

  1. It's very, very heavy
  2. Not suitable for your laptop/phone users with low specifications
  3. Very difficult navigation for outsiders Russia
  4. Russian start-up view
  5. A lot of content that smells of SPAM
  6. Sometimes Yandex often gives Traffic Ghost to web owners


The advantages of ASK

  1. Index results are sometimes more satisfactory than Google
  2. Suitable for those of you who want to find something related to questions and news
  3. Light
  4. The look is simple but elegant

Disadvantages of ASK

  1. The data displayed is small
  2. There are ads
  3. Can only search 2 things; regular index and video
  4. The features are almost nonexistent, just to search for it
  5. Content that smells of SPAM can also be indexed here

Maybe the five search engines or search engines above is enough for me, because the fifth SE above is the most popular and often used. But still, Google ranks first compared to other search engines with all the advantages and features it provides.

Title : Advantages And Disadvantages Of Complete Search Engine With Its Types

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