5 Powerful Move Removing Malware That Is Annoying Your Computer Life

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5 Powerful Move Removing Malware That Is Annoying Your Computer Life
No one wants to live his computer distracted by anything, and what we want to share here are some ways that you can apply as a powerful jut out of malware from your computer/laptop. Malware, no matter how small it is, will be very disturbing, even for a supercomputer though.

Actually, it is easy for us to know whether the computer/laptop used infected with malware or not. When infected with malware, then the laptop / pc used will run more slowly than usual. There will usually be other signs, such as too many pop-up ads that appear before you even reach a particular site's page. If that is the case, then almost certainly your computer/laptop infected with viruses, malware, or spyware. Interference can even attack even if you've fortified your laptop/computer with anti-virus. Although similar problems can be caused by hardware, it would be better if you check the PC periodically.

Here we will show you 5 powerful moments of getting rid of malware.

1. Go into safe mode

An important first step of a series of attempts to get rid of malware is: leave your computer/laptop without an internet connection. Furthermore, when the device is suspected of being infected with malware, then go into safe mode, which will prevent malware from automatically entering into Windows. Windows 10 users need to do a number of tricks to get into safe mode.

In Windows 10, the first thing to do is select the Power button but do nothing. Next, hold down the Shift key and press Reboot. Then there will be a number of menus that will appear on the screen. Choose Troubleshooting, then  Advanced Options,  and finally  Startup Settings. In the next window click the Restart button and wait until the next screen appears. Then choose number 4, Safe Mode, on the next screen. If the computer is running normally in safe mode, then it is certain that there is malware in it.

2. Delete Temporary Files

Before running anti-virus in Safe Mode, delete temporary files, to speed up the virus scanning process, remove some malware disguised as temporary files and provide more storage space. If you are a Windows 10 user, type "Disk Cleanup" in the Search field and then select the same named app that appears on the screen.

3. Prepare Malware Scanner software

Running anti-virus is not enough, so you need a special Malware scanner. Choose some special software for the job, such as Malwarebytes, or SuperAntiSpyware.

We chose to use Malwarebytes for this work. Download the software, install it on your computer/laptop, run the program updater, and start the scanning process by opening the program. Then press the Start Scan button and keep selecting the program's basic settings ("Threat Scan").

4. Fix Browser

Malware infections will damage the file management system in Windows and in turn, will also modify the browser homepage ( browser ) so that the same malware can re-infect your computer/laptop. So check your browser again after removing malware.

For Edge, Firefox, or Chrome users, just go to the settings window in your browser and check the homepage page settings. Do this before starting to penetrate the internet world.

5. Save the corrupt files

The powerful kick to get rid of the last malware is: if malware already destroys everything in Windows that you use, including the most important Windows file system, then the only way you can do is to re-install the OS. Make sure you back up all important files before doing so. After you have finished installing new Windows, make sure that you install anti-virus and anti-spyware / malware so you do not experience the same problem.

Title : 5 Powerful Move Removing Malware That Is Annoying Your Computer Life

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