5 Compulsory Steps to Improve Your Laptop Gaming Performance

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5 Compulsory Steps to Improve Your Laptop Gaming Performance
We must be upset if when it is cool in the game suddenly the process slows down, or even force close. It's like to punch notebook wrote luggage. Fortunately still remember when notebook your father buy, so not while banged it against the wall and plainly asked for a new change the same old people: D. However, we should be grateful for what we have now, well this time we will try a little tips Improving Laptop Gaming Performance that might help you a little out of the problems sourced from the notebook specifications are indeed limited. Ok, check this up.

5 Compulsory Steps to Improve Your Laptop Gaming Performance:

Notice Driver

Nvidia, in particular, is very diligent in socializing with game developers to get useful feedback for the development of their GPU products. With an intense approach with developers, Nvidia can always improve the performance of their product line every time a new game is released. We as users of course very profitable. Because every time a new driver is released, it usually brings significant improvements to the Video Card's performance against certain games. So, do not ever underestimate update your Video Card driver yes.

Specifically for Nvidia users, after installing the latest drivers, you will automatically offer GeForce experience which will help maximize all the games already installed in your notebook with the most appropriate preset adjustment settings method.

Give a little coercion

Not that we teach you to shorten the life of the GPU on the notebook we all ya. But this way proves to be effective to force out the extra performance that is actually stored in every Video card. Only, the effectiveness of each video card produced different results. And that more often depends on how dare we force the Video Card to work harder (overclock). Keep in mind, both Nvidia and AMD have their own tools to be able to execute this. AMD is easier because the installed catalyst already contains tools that they call AMD over Drive. For Nvidia users, try searching for ATI Tools or MSI afterburner (based on Riva Tuner) though not all types of Nvidia GPUs support this tool.

Granted, GPUs on notebooks cannot be forced so far GPU on the desktop, but in some cases, games, especially the middle-class GPU down, will be greatly helped by this rough treatment. But keep in mind, boost the present slowly. Try to always do testing on every preset that we specify. Slowly, until it can be the most optimal preset.

Power Management Settings "Align Right"

This is necessary, because in certain cases, sometimes the system that is in the battery saver profile does not wake up directly when needed. It will be inconvenient when we have already entered the game. One more thing, for those of you whose notebooks have adopted Hybrid or switchable graphics, make sure GPU is the default.

Turn Down Texture & Shader / Shadow Details

GPUs on gaming notebooks are no different than GPUs on desktops, equally relying on the capacity and quality of VRAM as the main path interacts with the CPU and screen. It can be guessed, the less the capacity and quality of VRAM, it will often occur lagging.

All would agree, just drop the resolution while playing the game. Indeed, it is the quickest solution. but there are other solutions that may be we try, namely setting the settings in the game, especially texture and detail shader or shadow. High-resolution textures are often the cause of VRAM's sudden depletion, as well as a complex shader or shadow details. For those of you who are not too concerned with the details of the image, these tips must be tried for better management of VRAM in order to maintain the best resolution.

Turn off Background Application

The last and the least important is, always remember to "end-process" applications that run in the background when to want to play games. Because apps running in the background at least takeover RAM as well as CPU. Although sometimes not much, but quite meaningful when running the game with many effects. If you do not want to bother, try using Game Booster II as a shortcut to execute programs that are not needed during gameplay.

Ok, now your notebook is "better prepared" to be invited to run

Title : 5 Compulsory Steps to Improve Your Laptop Gaming Performance

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