3 Ways to Unlock the Inner Eyes Easy and Fast

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In the science of Islamic kejawen, the inner eye (or often called the third eye, the sixth sense, the midbrain, Trawangan, telepathy, or indigo ability) is a capability that is actually owned by all humans. For someone who is blessed with Allah, without rituals without fasting, the inner eye can usually be used or exposed on its own since it was born. However, for most people, the inner eye is usually naturally still in a closed state, so if you want to use it, we must perform certain rituals and prayers to open the mind's eye. How to open the inner eye quickly and easily, alone without the help of others with the ritual and prayer? Check out the following description.

How to Unlock the Inner Eye

3 Ways to Unlock the Inner Eyes

Unlocking the inner eye is a magical thing that actually does not violate any religious teachings, whether Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, or Buddhism. Doing the opening of the mind's eye is considered to be able to strengthen the level of our faith to the Almighty because we can so see the unseen nature that had been covered by a thick wall. As for if you are thinking of trying to open the inner eye, here I have written 3 stages that you must do in how to open the inner eye easily without the help of others.

1. Unlocking the Inner Eye with Weston Fasting

Weston fast is fasting done on weton or your own birthday. If you were born on Saturday Pahing, then every day you have to do fasting just like fasting in general. To start fasting weton, you should read the prayer of intent when going to eat morning. The translation intent is more or less the following: " Servant intentions of fasting today as an expression of gratitude for the abundance of grace and grace that You give to the servant ."

During fasting, keep your mouth from saying unimportant things, keep your ears from listening to negative voices, keeping an eye on something that can lead to passions and sins, and keep your heart and mind always dhikr and close to him.

Fasting weton feels heavy, but this is what is called if the mind. So that fasting can feel lighter, a avoid crowd, better you alone, alone in a quiet room.

2. Unlocking the Inner Eye with the Weton Alms

In addition to fasting, to be able to apply how to open the inner eye, you are also required to do alms weton. Alms weton is alms done on your weton by giving money for the nominal amount of weton count to the needy like poor people, an old widow, orphan, and so forth. For example, you are born on Saturday Pahing, then the amount of money you should give is 18 because of Saturday = 9 and Pahing = 9. The purpose of alms 18 means you must give money with a nominal minimum of Rp. 18, can be Rp. 180, Rp. 1,800, Rp. 18,000, Rp. 180.000, and so on according to your ability.

Day = Monday: 4, Tuesday: 3, Wednesday: 7, Thursday: 8, Friday: 6, Saturday: 9, and Sunday: 5
Market = Pon: 7, Wage: 4, Kliwon: 8, Legi: 5, and Pahing : 9

When you are going to give up, read the prayer of intentions in your heart. The prayer is as follows: "The servant of the intention to give the sum of money (specify nominally) on this day as an expression of gratitude for the abundance of grace and grace that You give to the servant ."

3. Open the Inner Eye with Holy Shower

After doing the fasting and alms weton, to be able to apply the way of opening the inner eye, last you have to do holy shower. The sacred bath is a repentance bath performed at 12 o'clock in the evening to purify itself, both from obscure, unclean, and negative thoughts that have been glowing in your heart and head. The sacred bath is done in exactly the same manner as the obligatory bath that you usually do every day, only the intention used or read has little difference. The readings of the intention are: " I intend to purify the soul and body today from all forms of hardest, unclean, and evil thoughts, and negative things as a form of servant repentance on You yes Robb ".

After doing a holy bath, use all-white clothing smeared with perfume without alcohol. Go into the dark room and there is no light at all. Try also the room is sterile and free of all kinds of objects such as cabinets, tables, chairs, and so forth. Sit down on the white prayer rug with calm, then concentrate and face your heart and mind to God Almighty. Ask yourself what you want. Suppose you want to be opened the inner eye, so ask him in earnest until you feel something is different. Fill that night with dhikr and make it to him. Continue with meditation until dawn comes.

After doing 3 rituals how to open the inner eye that, in the morning you will feel like a new person. You already have a new ability, your inner eye can be easily opened when asked and this means you will be able to see something visible, from seeing the jinn, looking to the future, and seeing things that have happened.

Prayers Open the Inner Eye

After performing the 3 rituals of opening the inner eye above, to open the inner eye, you must recite a special prayer which reads: " Bismillahi Rokhmatal Ghoiba Wassamawati Wal Ardhy, Allohumma Juz 'Alaikal Bashor ", while after no longer needed, your inner eye can be closed back with a prayer that reads: " Bismillahirohmanirohim, alhamdulillahirobbil 'alamin wa shollalohu ala sayyidina muhammadin wa ala senti wa shohbihi wasallam, Ya khoirol mas'uliin, ya mujiiba da'watil mudtorriin, Ya ilahal' alamin bika angzalta hajati wa angta a'lamu biha faqdiha Allohumma angta laha wal likulli hajatin faqdiha bifadli, Bismillahirohmanirohim ma yaftahillah linnasi mirrohmatin falaa mumsika laha ".

In order to be able to open your mind's eye, you do not fade and disappear, so you must strive to remain a good person, who is humble, not to leave prayers 5 times, pray night, grow compassion, compassion, and caring for others , diligently giving charity, being humble, eliminating the nature of anger, jealousy, and envy, and doing what Allah commanded and avoiding all his prohibitions.

Well, that's our complete discussion of how to open the inner eye. Stay well behaved so that your mind continues to be honed and sharp.

Title : 3 Ways to Unlock the Inner Eyes Easy and Fast

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